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Zippered shopping cart in parking lot unrelated to human trafficking

CHINA GROVE, NC (WBTV) – A widely shared social media post claiming that a shopping cart found attached to a car in the parking lot of a grocery store in China Grove was linked to human trafficking or kidnapping is now debunked by the police.

According to a press release from the China Grove Police, on Friday, October 7, 2022, Officer BS Nesbitt of the China Grove Police Department responded to Food Lion located at 1408 N. Main Street, China Grove, in reference to a suspicious circumstance.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke to the victim who stated that she had exited Food Lion and got into her vehicle to leave when she was approached by an employee who told her that there was a shopping cart next to his vehicle. The employee was in the parking lot picking up shopping carts and saw the shopping cart next to her car. Upon further investigation, they noticed the basket was attached to the victim’s car door. The victim and employee left the basket tied up and contacted the China Grove Police Department. Constable Nesbitt observed the shopping cart which was still attached to the passenger door when it arrived.

Police said after the zipper was cut and the caddy moved away from the vehicle, a small circular chip in the paint was observed where the caddy had damaged the vehicle.

The woman became concerned due to information she had read and seen on different social media platforms. She told the police that information online indicated that this was used by human traffickers to identify potential victims of human trafficking and she wanted to let us know.

Officer Nesbitt began investigating and was able to locate a suspect in Food Lion’s security footage. The suspect was seen by the victim’s vehicle on the passenger side. Upon further review of the video, Constable Nesbitt was able to locate the suspect at the Food Lion store and a vehicle which he eventually entered and left the area. The vehicle bears the trade name of Accuset Transport Services. A quick Internet search for Accuset Transport Services on the Internet yielded a phone number for the company located in Rockwell, North Carolina. The owner has been identified as Braden C. Adams.

Officer Nesbitt then obtained a photo of Braden C. Adams and was able to positively identify the Food Lion suspect as the same person, Braden C. Adams. A warrant has been obtained for his arrest on a charge of tampering with a motor vehicle.

On October 8, 2022, Braden C. Adams was arrested for the current term. Braden C. Adams has received a written promise to appear.

Police say Braden Adams admitted to doing the act because his truck was too big. Braden’s truck was parked in two spots and the victim had parked beside it. Braden felt she was too close, so he decided to tie the caddy to his vehicle (even though it was parked properly in his parking spot).

This incident was shared on Facebook by a friend of the victim and has now been shared 1500 times and caused a number of safety concerns according to their comments.

This incident has nothing to do with human trafficking/sex trafficking or Food Lion business, according to police.