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Woman with target basket vs teenagers on video

CLIFTON – A trip to Target for paper towels turned into a viral video when a woman lashed out at a group of unruly teenagers, pushing a shopping cart into one as they wept for being underage.

The 14 second video (WARNING: Blasphemy) shows a teenager having a profane conversation with a man as the woman approaches. She pushes the cart away from him and confiscates the traffic cone which she says she used to harass the store’s customers.

“We are children, who are you? one of the teenagers is heard asking.

“You act like a fucking child,” the woman replies.

In a post on Imgur, someone claiming to be the woman in the video said they saw a group of six or seven teenagers wearing Lyndhurst High School using a traffic cone to yell at customers. The woman said the teenagers threw the cone at a pregnant woman.

The woman said they tried to fight with her and a friend before grabbing the cone, putting it in her cart and driving it back to the parking lot.

“Target staff didn’t respond to requests for help and I don’t mess with people fucking old people or pregnant women (or honestly anyone, period) for fun. What’s fun for you? It’s DANGEROUS but white teens are tougher white people than most,” she wrote.

“Is this a zoo where you stick sticks into enclosures in enclosures to try and get a reaction? No. It’s a target on a Sunday afternoon where I’m just trying to buy fucking towels in paper.”

The woman said she took additional video of the teenagers as they followed her to the parking lot and tried to start another fight, shouting homophobic and racial slurs.

She described them as “a pack of aggressive, white teenagers wearing LHS shirts, puka shell necklaces and a general air of privilege and Ax body spray”.

Instead of posting a video on Snapchat to “complain” about the incident, she was going to email the video from the parking lot to the principal of Lyndhurst High School asking him to handle the situation with the parents.

In her written message, the woman thanked a man for intervening so that she and her friend could leave the store without further confrontation.

Clifton police told New Jersey 101.5 they were not called to the Target store on Sunday. Target’s corporate media office and Lyndhurst High School Principal Laura Vuono did not respond to New Jersey 101.5’s request for additional information.

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