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Windham Mall turnover breathes new life into the mall

Small turnover at the Windham Mall has sparked a big wave of new tenants, bringing eight new businesses to the mall in the past 16 months.

The 325,000 square foot plaza, home to anchor tenants Hannaford, Home Depot and Renys, has seen an influx of new businesses, starting with Portland Pie Co., which opened in 2020.

“We had some turnover at some pad sites. We were able to attract excellent new tenants. Portland Pie took over Friendly’s old building and it really set off a chain reaction,” said WRE’s Jay Wise, who is a partner in the Ohio-based center ownership group. “We were able to sign Jersey Mike’s and T-Mobile and it evolved quickly from there.”

Portland Pie gutted and renovated the Friendly site. Meanwhile, the former Pizza Hut location was demolished and rebuilt to become the site of a Starbucks and a Chipotle. Starbucks will open shortly and Chipotle will open in mid-December, Wise said.

Other new tenants include Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shop, which opened in October, trading company Enve Analytics, and a parkour gym called Movement Lab, which will open in December, Wise said.

The new multi-year leases mean the Windham Mall, located at 795 Roosevelt Trail, is now 100% occupied, Wise said.

“Windham has always been very busy, but has had no choice. Windham could add five or six new restaurants and they would be busy. Gorham and Windham have always been faster growing towns. People see it’s busy and want to be a part of it,” Wise said. “Windham has a lot to do.”