Shopping list

Wife sends husband to supermarket with ‘ridiculously detailed’ shopping list

A TikToker has given her hubby the most “ridiculously detailed” shopping list you’ll ever have. Watch the video below:

The clip begins with the text overlay: “When I have to send my husband to the store”.

The woman, named Melinda, was seen writing the list which surprisingly included not just pictures of the grocery store, which she appeared to have cut out and pasted to the paper – but a drawn map of the store with islands marked and different sections labeled so it won’t get lost.

Looks like he probably would have gotten lost on the way to the store too.

The viral video was posted by @adamxmelinda earlier this month (August 2) and racked up over 8.5 million views and 1.2 million likes.

Credit: TikTok/@adamxmelinda
Credit: TikTok/@adamxmelinda
Credit: TikTok/@adamxmelinda

However, Melinda went on to write, “Please keep in mind this is just a joke.”

Some in the comments section clearly didn’t find the fun side.

One user wrote: “Divorce him.

A second user added, “I would go on my own and come back from the grocery store with divorce papers.”

While one end user concluded: “I know this is a joke but after seeing all these TikToks about husbands/dads you have to realize that the bar for them is so low…”

Tom Martin runs Martin Investigative Services in Newport Beach, Calif., and says there are 20 clues that could help you spot a rat in love.

Now, while one or two of these, whether it’s changing habits or business trips, shouldn’t raise alarm bells, if you start noticing four or more, then it’s time to start asking questions.

“If you have three or four, you have a problem,” he told the Independent.

The full list of clues is as follows:

  1. Changing habits
  2. Leave early and come back late
  3. Business trip
  4. Absences during holidays or family events
  5. Excessive overtime
  6. Unexplained expenses
  7. Secret accounts (e.g. Instagram, email, etc.)
  8. Hidden credit card bills
  9. Additional grooming
  10. Someone else’s perfume (also lipstick on the collar)
  11. Buy gifts you haven’t seen
  12. Unexplained items (like condoms in the car)
  13. Join a gym
  14. Missed calls from an unknown number
  15. Coded or secret text messages
  16. less sex
  17. Evasiveness or defensiveness
  18. obvious lies
  19. Tingling or short mood
  20. Hates surprise visits (your unexpected arrival may come at an inconvenient time for a cheater)