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Wife Gives Husband Ridiculously Detailed Shopping List

A woman recently sparked controversy online by sharing a video of a detailed shopping list she made for her husband.

wife gives her husband a ridiculously detailed shopping list |  Social Media Drama

A few days ago, Melinda, a popular TikTok star, posted a video that went viral under the username @adamxmelinda. The clip features a step-by-step guide to help her husband shop for everything at the grocery store. However, the video sparked a shocking debate that dragged sexism and racism into its clutches.

Unaware of the consequences to come, Melinda posted a TikTok video, designing a fake shopping list for her husband. She added intensive details to the list, which included product names, aisle, quantity, relevant prices. She was also spotted drawing a detailed map to help her husband find the grocery store.

While most netizens took the matter lightly and some avoided it, two TikTokers were unhappy with its message. One person commented to make sure the video is fake or scripted. Melinda quickly came back, saying that indeed it is a fake.

wife gives her husband a ridiculously detailed shopping list |  Social Media Drama

However, one TikToker Lili Prins sparked debate, citing, “I know this is just a joke. However, after seeing all those TikTok clips about husbands/dads, you have to realize that the bar for them is set too low. She highlighted the concept that all of this leads to men receiving praise for doing minimal household chores.

On the other hand, Bailey tearfully alleged that the incident would be different if she was white. The whole concept has not only been applied to gender, but racism has also intervened. The TikToker pointed out the bias of white individuals. She claimed that white people benefited from society-sanctioned mediocrity while the black race faced many problems.