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What impact have supply chain delays had on your shopping list?

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Production disruptions are causing price spikes and supply shortages across the country.

Are supply chain delays hurting your everyday and vacation shopping? Let us know how you were impacted.

If you’ve noticed higher prices at the grocery store or longer delivery times when shopping for the holidays, you’re not alone. You may have seen the headlines about supply chain issues causing store delays, but it may not seem real until it starts impacting your own shopping list. .

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Since the start of the pandemic, factories have been closed, workers displaced and production halted in several sectors. The economy is still recovering from the disruption caused by earlier shutdowns, but not fast enough to meet the demand of consumers who are resuming the rhythm of regular purchases. As a result, people nationwide are faced with sparse shelves and higher prices.

Everything from essential groceries like milk to household items and furniture will be restricted in the coming months.

For some, these issues have caused only minor inconvenience, but many families must adhere to strict budgets, and continued price increases can limit their ability to afford necessities like food and housing. As the holiday season approaches, our shopping lists are only going to get longer and that can already cause headaches at the grocery store, at the mall, or even when shopping online.

Have your purchasing needs been affected by the ongoing supply chain disruptions? Let us know how this issue affects you and your family by completing the survey below or emailing us at [email protected] and we may present your answer in a future article.