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Walmart Pays City Over $20,000 in Wandering Shopping Cart Fines

The town of Dartmouth is now $23,000 richer from collecting stray shopping carts.

At its May 9 meeting, board member Shawn McDonald announced that Walmart had recently paid the city after being found guilty of violating the city’s wandering shopping cart bylaw.

“Welcome to Dartmouth,” said Vice President Stanley Mickelson.

The violation was reported when the retailer recently applied for a permit online, McDonald said.

“In order for Walmart to get their permit, Walmart submitted a check to the city of Dartmouth,” he said.

In 2019, the municipal assembly approved a regulation require all carts to be tagged by their owner and establish a $100 fine if carts are confiscated by the Department of Public Works.

The settlement came after complaints started piling up and dumped shopping carts — particularly along Route 6 — became a public safety issue.

“[It’s] At least twice during my Route 6 travels, I encountered a wandering shopping cart that was heading towards my vehicle,” McDonald said. “No license – no operator either.”

Each day of a continuing violation will be considered a separate violation, according to the rules.

The money from the fines will go into the city’s general fund.

Walmart will not be alone in its payments. According to McDonald’s, Target is also expected to pay cart fines in the near future.

“They will need a permit [soon],” he said.