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Vaccinated consumer’s shopping list includes gourmet pasta sauce, Greek yogurt and Godiva chocolate, new survey finds

If you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19, chances are your shopping list will include Fage Greek Yogurt, Rao’s Homemade Pasta Sauce, Beyond Meat BYND,
burgers and Godiva chocolate. And you’re likely to favor retailers and restaurants like Trader’s Joe and Panera Bread.

Those are the findings of a recently released two-stage survey of thousands of US consumers conducted by market research firm Numerator. The company wanted to understand not only what types of people were getting vaccinated — in terms of geography, income, and activity level, among others — but also what brands and stores attracted them.

The survey showed that East Coast consumers are 13% more likely to be vaccinated than consumers in general. Additionally, consumers with higher annual household incomes, defined as $80,000 and above, are among the most likely to be vaccinated. The same goes for those with more active lifestyles.

In turn, vaccinated consumers tend to opt for brand names that speak to these aspects, the survey noted. Like in high end products or retailers or those that emphasize a health mindset.

That could explain why Fage, a brand of Greek yogurt that emphasizes its natural appeal — “made with milk from non-GMO fed cows,” the company says on its website — tops the list of products from grocery store in terms of percentage of shoppers vaccinated. The Numerator survey noted that 62.8% of Fage buyers have been vaccinated.

This is higher than the vaccination rate for the entire US population, which currently stands at 55.4%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracker. When the Numerator survey was done, the vaccination rate in the United States was even lower — at 52.6%, according to Numerator.

“It’s a new segment”

Rao’s Homemade, a high-end producer whose pasta sauces can easily cost twice the price of more standard sauces, also ranks near the top among grocery brands. His buyers had a 61% vaccination rate. (Rao’s Homemade is also a brand with strong East Coast roots, having spun off from the Rao’s restaurant group which started with a location in New York; however, the sauce and catering company are now separate entities. .)

Other brands popular with vaccinated shoppers include Green Mountain Coffee KDP,

(62.1% vaccination rate among buyers), Beyond Meat (60.8%), LaCroix FIZZ sparkling water,
(60.4%), I can’t believe it’s not butter! spreads (58.8%), Godiva chocolate (58.7%) and Bob’s Red Mill flour and related products (58.5%).

The Numerator survey also looked beyond groceries.

In the health and beauty category, Bausch + Lomb, makers of contact lenses and other vision-related products, and Nature Made, a brand of vitamins and supplements, tied for the highest percentage of shoppers. vaccinated, with 59.1%.

Among fast/casual chains, Boston Market and Panera Bread came out on top, both with 59.6% of customers vaccinated.

The leader among retailers, according to the survey, was H Mart, a grocery chain that specializes in Asian products and has a strong appeal to Asian consumers. The numerator found that 63% of H Mart shoppers were vaccinated.

Although Numerator did not examine the race or ethnicity of buyers, at least one other report, from the Kaiser Family Foundation, found that 69% of the Asian American population received a dose of COVID-19. This puts Asians ahead of other American populations, including whites (53%), blacks (45%) and Hispanics (49%).

Other retailers with a high percentage of customers who have been vaccinated include Wegman’s (62.2%), the Fresh Market (61.8%) and Trader Joe’s (61.6%), according to Numerator.

MarketWatch contacted several brands and retailers named in the survey. All declined to comment or could not be reached.

Marketing experts say vaccinated consumers are a top demographic that brands could target, the same way they reach out to shoppers based on other factors.

“It’s a new segment,” said Michelle Sullivan, an advertising professor at Boston University.