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Toyota Tsusho Corporation. – CFAO opens PlaYce Yaounde, the largest shopping center in Cameroon, in the capital Yaoundé

Toyota Tsusho Corporation (‘Toyota Tsusho‘) announced that its subsidiary CFAO SAS (‘CAD/CAM‘) opened ‘PlaYce Yaounde’ in from Cameroon capital of Yaounde on July 6, 2022, to strengthen its retail business. PlaYce Yaounde is one of the largest shopping centers in Cameroon, with approximately 17,000 square meters of space on 35,000 square meters of land. It includes a Crossroads hypermarket with 4,000 square meters of sales area and a wide range of more than 20,000 products, and a shopping center with 50 international brand stores, restaurants and other facilities.

CAD/CAM operated shopping malls and supermarkets in 17 locations in three countries in West Africa (Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Senegal) with the creation of more than 1,500 local jobs since the opening of its first PlaYce site in Ivory Coast in 2015. In partnership with Crossroadsleading French hypermarket chain, CAD/CAM operates supermarkets that sell a wide range of products with guaranteed traceability from global brands and local suppliers at competitive prices.

Cameroon has an area about 1.3 times larger than Japan. Its capital of Yaounde has a population of approximately 2.27 million. By opening the Toyota Tsusho Group first major PlaYce shopping center, CAD/CAM will provide a new shopping experience for residents of Cameroon and create 300 new jobs. In addition, CAD/CAM plans to meet the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions through measures such as the installation of around 2,300 solar panels on the roof of PlaYce Yaoundé and the use of renewable energy sources to meet around a quarter of the electricity needs of the site thanks to the production of solar energy.

Toyota Tsusho Group will continue to strengthen its retail business to meet consumer needs Africa based on his ‘WITH AFRICA FOR AFRICA‘ philosophy that aims to grow with the people and the society of Africa. It will also contribute to industrialization and job creation in Africa thanks to the continued development of stores and the promotion of local production and distribution.

(C) Electronic news edition 2022, source ENP Newswire