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Toddler orders $2,000 worth of goods from mom’s online shopping cart

Madhu Kumar was looking online for furniture for her family’s new home and added a few items to her cart. Kumar wasn’t ready to make the purchase, which amounted to nearly $2,000, but left everything in her basket to review later.

A few days later, Kumar was shocked when she received a delivery from Walmart containing some of the items she was looking at. She checked with her husband and two older children, but they all denied buying the items. Who left their son, Ayaansh Kumaras the likely culprit.

Turns out the toddler, who is almost two years old, was playing with his mum’s phone and managed to order the items himself.

“It’s really hard to believe he did that, but that’s what happened,” his father said, Pramod KumarTold WNBC.

“He’s so small, he’s so cute, we were laughing that he ordered all that stuff,” Madhu added.

The family said they plan to keep some of the items and return things they don’t need.

Turns out Ayaansh is pretty savvy with a cell phone. Using a WNBC reporter’s phone, he managed to close the calendar app, email the reporter’s mother, and search through their contact list.

Pramod said it would be safer to let Ayaansh use his phone in the future.

“Going forward, we will implement hard passcodes or facial recognition so that when he picks up the phone he finds it in a locked state,” he said.