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TikTok’s Viral Owl Romper Dress Is On Every Desperate User’s Shopping List

For those of you who thought the whole debate over whether “the dress” was white and gold or blue and black was the internet’s biggest obsession, you have to check out the Owl Romper Dress on TikTok!

TikTok user Maruno Machi was unaware of the impact of a dress when she bought it in Savannah.

This garment has attracted so much attention that users are desperately waiting for Maruno to provide all possible details so they can get their hands on it.

Owl romper dress is sweeping TikTok

Six days ago, Maruno shared a TikTok of herself in a sweater dress and left it to users to decide if her “favorite item of clothing” was worth all the hype.

In no time, her video went viral, racking up over 7 million views!

The TikToker says when she saw the dress in Savannah, she knew for sure she had to buy it. The start of TikTok is like any other product review, where the shopper shows the garment and then reviews it.

But, Maruno wanted to show how her favorite dress has more than meets the eye.

As the clip progresses, she spreads the sides of the jumpsuit with her hands in her pocket, pulling it up to her neck with the Owl print in full display.

She then begins to walk towards the camera as the “You want a piece of me, me, me, me…” voiceover plays in the background.

Users desperately want to buy it

Everyone who watched the video seems eager to buy the dress. However, there is very little information on where it is available.

Many noted in the comments that the first thing they did was google it and other shopping sites like Amazon where they found similar combinations, but not the one in the video.

One user wrote: “Is anyone else frantically researching this online or is it just me”

“Not me looking for the HUNDREDS OF COMMENTS FOR THE LINK TO THE ACTUAL PANTS!” wrote another.

“I’m so disappointed in how Google has let us ALL down here!! I NEED this combination!!,” another wrote.

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Maruno Machi creates website for viral dress

Maruno found a website that sold exactly the owl rompers, but it’s a wholesaler.

In one of her recent TikToks, she shared details of the store she picked it up from. She wrote: “If you are in Savannah, GA: Check out Everest Imports at the pavilion on the Riverwalk to see if they still have it!”

Four days ago she revealed that she was launching a website that would sell the owl-shaped sweaters purchased from the wholesaler.

On March 20, she posted a TikTok featuring one of her “clients” in the same viral dress.

She captioned it: “Please enjoy this lovely video from my very excited first client – my mum, I am finishing up the website and can post a link tomorrow once everything is set up correctly. Thanks for love and patience.”

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