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“They act like they can’t do things”

A wife’s shopping list for her husband has sparked serious debate over ICT Tac.

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Husband and wife Adam and Melinda share funny videos about their wedding on their joint ICT Tac Account, @adamxmelinda. When Melinda posted a clip about the unconventional shopping list she made for her husband, it caused a stir. While some didn’t take it too seriously, others felt she was coddling her husband and blamed it on sexism.

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In the video, Melinda printed out little pictures of the items she wanted Adam to buy at the grocery store. She neatly cut out pictures of items like Allegra, Cheerios, and Listerine, then she pasted them onto the list. The TikTok received 21.2 million views.

Then user @not wild summed up how many felt about Melinda’s “joke” in a TikTok point. He called Adam’s behavior “performative incompetence” or “armed incompetence.”

“What this husband is doing is exaggerating his own incompetence and exaggerating his own inability to impose on his partner the work he doesn’t want to do,” he said. Explain.

The idea here is to convince the wife that her husband is so incompetent that doing the task himself would just be easier.

As a husband, “you’ve set the expectations for your own abilities so low that everything you end up doing is amazing,” he said. added.

TikTokers agreed with @notwildin’s comment, which has had over 4.4 million views.

“I noticed that the men did it so much. They act like they can’t do things until their partner or mom will do it”, a user said.

“You are literally so right,” another added.

“It’s ridiculous and so common, a boyfriend told me he once messed up the laundry so his mom would”, a person commented.

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