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The vehicle backs into the fire hydrant; Shopping Cart Damages SUV: Brecksville Police Blotter


Material damage, Hunting Drive: On November 22, police were dispatched to a Hunting Drive address regarding a damaged fire hydrant.

A resident called the Brecksville Fire Department after realizing that someone had not only hit the fire hydrant in front of his home, but there was also a water leak.

An arriving officer observed the damaged fire hydrant, which was located just south of the driveway. They also noticed distinct tire tracks in front of the fire hydrant.

The officer said it appeared the hydrant had been hit by a vehicle pulling out of the driveway. The resident was unaware of any recent deliveries to the home.

The officer also checked with neighbors, who not only did not have doorbell cameras that captured the incident, but also heard nothing suspicious.

There are no suspects. The police are investigating.

Property damage, Chippewa Road: On December 2, police were dispatched to the Key Bank parking lot regarding a damaged vehicle report.

An arriving officer spoke to a Broadview Heights woman, who said after shopping at the mall, she returned to find a shopping cart on the floor next to her 2020 Nissan Rouge SUV.

She also noticed two dents in the middle of her left rear door with red and black paint transfer. The driver said it looked like the wind blew the cart down from the parking lot.

The cart’s front basket matched the damage to the SUV.