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The Ultimate Home Decor Shopping List Grandmillennial

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Classic, comforting and quirky: these are the words I would use to describe both my grandmother and her interior design style. I smile thinking of her, so when I’m in her house and surrounded by everything she has carefully selected, I have a special feeling that I can only hope to recreate one day. That said, I couldn’t be more on board when it comes to the home decor trend of the great millennium.

Whenever I come across a decor that reminds me of my grandmother and is in line with the grand-millennial trend, I can’t help but run to the checkout, and since I generally opt for comfortable neutral tones and traditional patterns, these pieces effortlessly complement my existing style.

Thank you, millennials, for taking what was once considered “granny” and turning it into a grandmillennial. This trend is popping up everywhere right now, so we’ve rounded up some home decorations that we hope will help you bring that special feeling we all know and love into your home.

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