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The Ultimate Bridgerton Season 2 Shopping List

Bridgerton Season 2 may have just been released yesterday, but I’ve already drunk half the show before I even figured out what I’m having for breakfast today. Some may call it a problem, but I’ll call it an indicator of my personality. My bridal shower last year was indeed Bridgerton on the theme, so it’s safe to say that everything the Netflix team wanted to accomplish with the series, they’ve done tenfold. When the first season released in late 2020, romance, rivalry, and of course fashion had the whole world in immediate frenzy mode. It also allowed a whole regency-inspired aesthetic to gain popularity among the fashion set.

With the release of Season 2 and summer wedding season around the corner, I’ve seen a wave of fashion items that fall into the royal aesthetic hit the market. Think square necks, puff sleeves, intricate florals and romantic silhouettes. While I wish prom dresses were part of our everyday wardrobe, I showcased a variety of modern iterations of the Bridgerton look so you can easily channel the aesthetic into your wardrobe this season. Think what Daphne and Kate would wear if the show took place in 2022. Plus, if you’re attending weddings or getting married this summer, you’ll find a jackpot of accessories, shoes, and dresses ready for the celebration. . Basically, the shopping list below is not to be missed. Lady Whistledown told me.