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The Ultimate Back-to-School Shopping List

After spending a summer reconnecting with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors and (hopefully!) making time for vacation, it’s time for the kids to get back to school. They are ready to learn, grow and grow out of your hair again! But they will need help to get there. Before the exciting first day of school, you’ll need to gather all the gear (think backpacks, masks, pens) to make school a success.

As a parent, use this basic but essential school supplies list to find everything your little ones need for their lessons, even on a limited budget.

Sheets of paper

Even if there will be no tests or questionnaires at the beginning of the school year, the children take a lot of notes, do homework and do exercises in class. Every student needs at least a few packets of loose-leaf sheets for quick notes and doodling. Check with your child’s school to see if they need college ruled or ruled broad before you fill your cart – chances are they won’t, but it’s worth making sure.

personal planner

Your child will need a personal planner to start the school year and keep track of all their homework. This is an opportunity to invest in cute school supplies that motivate your children every time they open their diaries. Plus, planners help kids learn about time management and responsible planning, which they can take home with them. throughout their university life and through college and into adulthood.

#2 Pencils

Most classes require #2 pencils because they show up easily on the test bubble sheets that the machines scan and score. Add them to your child’s school supply list before they sell out in local stores. Lots on a large package will probably last all year.

Black ink pens

Teachers jot down with red ink pens so their notes stand out as study tools. Your student should use black ink pens that do not bleed onto the paper. Their work will stand out and never smudge if you use a proven brand that knows how to make a quality pen, like BIC.

Highlighters of different colors

Highlighters help students study if they outline notes in different colors. Give your child a pack so they have all the help they need with their study materials. If they are stressed out by the harder class work, remember to break the tension with jokes that will put them at ease.

Large pink erasers

The erasers on top of the pencils won’t last long in classes like calculus or trigonometry. Give your kids a backup by purchasing packs of chunky pink erasers. They last much longer and often do a better job of erasing mistakes.

New headphones

Headphones are one of the school supplies that children can use to express themselves. They’ll wear them while studying in the library or on the bus so they can focus or relieve stress between classes.

Ruled notebooks

Notebooks are nice school supplies that students always need. The spiral-bound pages are easy to flip through and light in a backpack. They even help with virtual classes as each subject can have a different notebook and further organize the notes which makes online testing easier.

Three ring binders

Students collect their loose-leaf notes in three-ring binders because they seal everything and keep the notes safe. Find back-to-school binders that match your child’s personality so they can safely stack everything in their locker without bending or crushing papers.

New lunch box

Spoiled food ruins the first day of school. But a two-compartment lunch box ensures your child’s food stays fresh throughout the day by designating a special section for an ice pack. Your purchase could also start a new tradition of getting a different lunch box at the start of the school year, which will ease your children’s nerves as they begin a new year.

Improved Backpack

It’s always fun to have a new backpack. Let your kids choose one that fits their size and expresses their personality with characters, colors or other prints.

Reusable water bottle

Drinking from fountains promotes the spread of disease. Your kids can avoid flu season by carrying a reusable water bottle in their backpack. Let them pick the one they want and they’ll look forward to using it instead of drinking from public fountains.


Every teenager needs a calculator when they go back to school. A TI-89 model assists graphics functions and lasts throughout their college career. You won’t have to buy another one if they keep it in its case between classes.

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