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The real reason this Costco cart has its own Facebook page

Anyone who has registered with the famous shopping cart will notice that the cart is no longer called Blanco, but Dash. It was the result of a controversy that nearly put the cart out of service permanently.

As Andrea Brown writes for HeraldNet, the rumor, which an employee allegedly confirmed, was that there were concerns calling the basket the Spanish word for white would spark grievances. So, they took the cart out of circulation in April of this year. However, the decision was apparently met with customers threatening to picket the store until their basket was returned.

But on Saturday, October 2, a new post was uploaded to the Facebook group. A new cart was introduced with a backstory just as ornate as Blanco’s. This time the cart was called Dash. The fans were appeased. “Thank you for not letting the thieves ruin our fun and for bringing us Dash,” one person wrote.

Still, there have been detractors to the change. “It’s not fun anymore,” one commented, “it’s forced and too commercial, goodbye, good luckAnother agreed that the customer-created Blanco felt more subversive than this explicitly brand-friendly replacement. They seem to be in the minority, however, as the community can still have fun with its odd basket.