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The Possible Future of a North Fort Myers Mall


A mall in North Fort Myers doesn’t look like much right now, but there might be a new plan for it.

It might be a tough road to change that into something new. There are already new businesses in the area and people are using it as a cross road between US 41 and Pondella Road. That’s if they don’t get their car stuck in one of the potholes.

Sue Stansky is a hairstylist at Deb’s Cut ‘N Loose. “Well, when you’re sitting there, you have clients in the living room, and a rat comes running out…that’s a good sign that you need to get out of there,” Stansky said.

They moved out of the ramshackle mall, Hancock Bridge Square Shopping Center, where Stanksy and her boss Deb have done their hair for years.

The bigger stores saw what was happening and cut their losses, then they ran while the salons stayed.

“There was a new owner who bought the mall in Miami, they didn’t maintain it, told Debby a big story ‘oh we’re gonna keep going, we’re gonna have stores here, you’re gonna see a difference. ‘ But no, it got worse,” Stansky said.

So, the living room finally got up and walked out too. The commissioner of this district, Brian Hamman, says that the owner of this property, Luis Dominguez, met him and showed him some plans. However, no action yet.

“The owner who doesn’t even live here doesn’t seem to care about our community at all. He doesn’t care about his property. And that really holds the rest of North Fort Myers back,” Hamman said.

“I think it’s a shame,” Commissioner Hamman said.

Hamman added that the owner of this place racked up more than $40,000 in fines, but that wasn’t enough to make up the difference.

He also said eminent domain was not working the county to simply take over the property for economic development reasons.

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