Shopping cart

The Epic Games Store finally has a shopping cart

It happened a few days ago, but we probably shouldn’t let it go unnoticed. After three years of R&D, the Epic Games Store has a shopping cart.

There is an eight-second video announcing it, because why not:

“If you’ve shopped online before, the shopping cart works exactly as you’d expect,” the announcement message reads. You can press an “add to cart” button on the game pages which, uh, adds it to your cart, and repeat the process until you have all the items you want and you’re ready to Proceed to checkout.

At checkout, you can enter a creator code if you want 5% of your purchase amount to go to a specific creator. There’s also a “move to wishlist” button if you decide to save a purchase for later.

This should enable my favorite online shopping experience: browse a store for an item or items I want, add them to my cart, then decide I don’t really need them and close the window. This can be followed by my second favorite online shopping experience: impulsively buying something from the same store at a later date and not noticing that the old items are still in my cart, and therefore accidentally buying them too.

While the shopping cart has been slow to arrive, the Epic Games Store has continued to expand its selection of exclusive, free games. This week’s free offerings are Prison Architect and Godfall: Challenger Edition, while next week will see the arrival of FF7 Remake exclusively on the EGS.