Shopping cart

Target’s mini shopping cart is sold out because it’s so popular

Children can look like mum and dad, browsing the aisles of “Tarjay”.

Your little one will love pretending to shop with their very own Tiny Target shopping cart


Going to the target is never just a quick in and out event. Even if you walk in to grab one thing, chances are you’ll walk away with a dozen. Well, now while you’re browsing Target, your child can join in and imitate you with their very own miniature Target shopping cart from Perfectly Cute.

Target Toy Basket

The standard mini car is red and almost identical to the Target cart you’re so used to, but you can also opt for a light pink if that’s what your little one prefers.

Perfectly Cute Grocery Cart

The miniature looks just like the big ones you use and even comes with a cup holder like the big one. After all, you can’t go to Target without stopping at the Starbucks inside, can you?

In terms of size, the mini dolly is 18″ tall and has a built-in seat that’s perfect for holding most dolls and action figures, so kids can take their “kids” along too. It also comes with a miniature grocery cart to really mimic mom and dad walking through their standard driveway.

If your kids want to look like you when you walk through Target together, get a Target miniature shopping cart in the famous Target red or a soft pale pink.