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Target your in-store shopping list: GPS World

Target is installing app-based indoor mapping in its stores, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Following a test in 2015, the American distribution chain integrates beacon and Bluetooth technology into its mobile application. The app will show the shopper’s location in real time as they move around the store (with a familiar blue dot) and show nearby sales and offers.

Shoppers will also be able to find an item on the map through their digital shopping list.

Target describes the new technology as “a GPS for your shopping cart.”

“Simply click on an item in your list and the app will point on a map of the store to the exact aisle where you can find your item,” said Mike McNamara, director of information and digital at Target.

The beacons are a function of the new energy-efficient LED lighting that Target is installing in its stores.

Another mobile enhancement is Target’s integration of its savings app Cart wheel in its main store app. (Cartwheel is more popular than the main Target app.) Target will use beacon technology to highlight Cartwheel offers that are near a shopper’s current location. In the coming months, the app will support mobile payments at checkout.

The new indoor location technology will be rolled out to half of the chain of 1,800 stores in time for the 2017 holiday season.