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Suspect leaves phone in basket at crime scene: Bainbridge Township Police blotter


Flight, Market Place Drive:

After loading a cart with $2,500 worth of merchandise at 4 p.m. on September 29 and pushing it through an emergency exit at Target, two men were chased by store workers. They left the cart in the parking lot and fled. Along with the merchandise, police recovered a cell phone which they believe belonged to one of the suspects. An investigation to identify the owner of the phone is underway.

Flight, Chillicothe Road:

After reviewing the store’s video on Sept. 27, a convenience store employee reported that an elderly woman with red hair likely stole beer. He provided the license plate of his vehicle to the police. The woman entered the store with a large purse, visited the beer cooler, and left the store without buying any. The police are investigating.

Fraud, Stoneybrook Drive:

Someone used a former employee’s ID card and withdrew $15,000 from a corporate account at a Cleveland bank branch, it emerged Sept. 27. The business owner has closed the account. The ex-employee had previously reported his identity card stolen and is not a suspect at this time. The matter is under review.

Suspicious, Chagrin Falls Park:

An officer on patrol shortly after midnight on September 26 investigated a car parked at the community center with the lights on and the engine running. Noticing the smell of burning marijuana, the officer found a glass pipe on the floor behind the driver’s seat and fungus in the center console. Solon’s driver, 19, was charged with having drug paraphernalia. Further charges could be brought if the mushrooms test positive for narcotics.

Information received, West Washington Street:

A Chagrin Falls man went to the police station at midnight on September 21 to tell police that his wife, a doctor, had written prescriptions for her own use on his behalf and filled them at several pharmacies in the township of Bainbridge. She is employed at a medical facility in South Euclid, which is investigating the case. Bainbridge Township Police reported the matter to a state pharmacy board and a state medical board investigator.