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Subway train collides with shopping cart causing surly rides

A subway train collided with a shopping cart on the tracks at Fulton Street station in Manhattan on Monday, causing a fire and temporarily halting rush-hour A and C train service between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Passengers on the C train had to be evacuated as the smoldering fire spread, MTA spokesman Andrei Berman told the Post, and police were seen trying to open the doors of the train. a car to get people out.

“Love 2 travels to Fulton Street with a C train half inside the station with smoke on the other end of the platform as the cops try to open one of the train doors while shouting for everyone to get off the platform”, a witness said on Twitter.

There were no injuries and the A and C trains were rerouted to the F line, the MTA said.

“Air conditioning service is temporarily suspended in both directions between Manhattan and Brooklyn after a train struck a shopping cart on the tracks at Fulton St,” agency officials said. posted on Twitter.

“A/C trains stop along the F line between Jay St-MetroTech and W 4 St-Wash Sq in both directions. The last stop for some southbound A/C trains will be the World Trade Center on the E line.”

FDNY was on the scene, the MTA said.