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Students brave the elements to enjoy snowmen, caddie sledding

Duke had its first snowfall of the spring semester on Sunday and despite the slippery conditions, students made the most of the day.

The snow started falling around 6am before turning into a wintery mix and then rain later in the afternoon. The University was under a “severe weather policy” from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., which has since been extended to 7 p.m. Monday.

Conditions were slippery on Sunday as Durham saw snow.

For Bright Aboah, a freshman from Accra, Ghana, it was the first time he had seen snow. In anticipation, he woke up at 7 a.m., earlier than he normally would on a weekend.

“I took my jacket, got out and started having fun and sliding around,” he said.

First Years Eric Seng, Alec Anderson, Madison Jaffrey, and Ro Buhrman woke up in the morning, made hot chocolate, and played Christmas music to “set the mood.”

They then went to lunch at the Marketplace. On the way back, they found empty shopping carts near the Randolph residence, which they used as sleds.

“We went to have breakfast and on the way back, we took the shopping cart that we found in the middle of the road, put some friends in it and pushed it on the way,” Seng said. “It was Alec’s brilliant idea.”

“We then slid through the snow and threw snowballs at each other,” Anderson said.

The shopping carts used as sleds.

The shopping carts used as sledges.

Around 1 p.m., freshman Ruhan Desai and his friends were out for a snowball fight. Desai is from India and, like Aboah, doesn’t often see snow in his hometown.

“We got up early. We went out to Cloche [Coffee]had a cup of hot mocha, sat by the window, saw the snow and had a great morning,” Desai said.

Upon their return, an emotional support dog accompanied the group as they played in the snow.

“The dog is having fun,” Desai said. “His name is Scoot.”

Pictured, left to right: Billy Cao (holding Scoot), Nicholas Sortisio, Vidita Shah, Eric Song and Dimitrii Khitrin.

Pictured, left to right: Billy Cao (holding Scoot), Nicholas Sortisio, Vidita Shah, Eric Song and Dimitrii Khitrin.

Several students took to the East and West campus quads to build snowmen. On West Campus’s Abele Quad, several students had built snowmen—or more accurately, snow devils—that represented Duke’s mascot.

Some featured devil horns constructed from snow, while another had been anointed with the light-up horns provided to students at sporting events.

A snowman on West Campus.

A snowman on West Campus.

A snowman sports blue devil horns on West Campus.

A snowman sports blue devil horns on West Campus.

A snowman smiles on East Campus.

A snowman smiles on East Campus.

Other students spent their day as if it were any other, with the snow being only a minor inconvenience.

Sophomore Alex Migala had a busy schedule full of club meetings. To get to these meetings, he had to cross the mixture of snow and ice that had accumulated on the campus walkways and which he could have done without.

“I dredged through the mush there to get to my activities today,” Migala said. “I had a little spacesuit with the boots, the hat and the six layers.”

Ronan Tegerdine, also a sophomore, was spending his day doing his homework for his computer class. It wasn’t his preference, as he would have preferred making a snowman with his friends instead of making magic squares, but said he had seen snow before.

“I’ve seen snow before. I’m from Virginia,” Tegerdine said. “It’s always nice, but it’s nothing new. There wasn’t much snow either. It was a kind of light blanket.

Adway S. Wadekar

Adway S. Wadekar is a Trinity freshman and reporter for the News Service. He also contributed to the sports section.