Shopping sale

Store sale days will bring 60 billion Turkish liras to the retail sector


November’s shopping spree is expected to push sales at physical and online retailers up to 60 billion Turkish liras (about $6.2 billion).


Merchants look forward to Singles’ Day on November 11, Legendary Friday on November 26, and Cyber ​​Monday on November 29.

Legendary Friday is the Turkish equivalent of Black Friday.

“These special days always give a boost to the retail industry. We expect online sales and sales in retail stores to increase by 100% to reach 60 billion liras,” said said Emre Ekmekçi, head of the Association of Electronic Commerce Enterprises (ETİD).

As was the case in previous years, the apparel, cosmetics, consumer technology and furniture sectors will be the main beneficiaries of the shopping season, according to Ekmekçi.

Singles’ Day and Legendary Friday present good opportunities for both consumers and retailers, said Sinan Öncel, president of the United Brands Association (BMD).

However, he warned that retailers may not be offering deep discounts on all items to shoppers this season due to rising commodity prices over the past year.


“Because the cost of goods that will replace goods sold at lower prices is very high. I don’t think the goods in stock will be enough to meet demand for the whole month and companies are likely to offer discounts for a limited period,” he explained.

Serkan Tınastepe from the Association of Chain Stores (ZMD) agrees.

“Indeed, these three days will be a boon for the retail sector, but retailers will find it difficult to find products and offer them at a deep discount,” Tınastepe said.