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Shopping list via voice: best feature of Alexa and Google Assistant?

Shopping list apps like Bring! are extremely practical. However, did you know that you can link them to both Alexa and Google Assistant? If you want to know how to use your voice to add groceries to your smart home shopping list, grab a coffee, sit down, and read on.

I am the uncrowned king of bad shopping habits. Even if I only need three items, chances are I’m forgetting something. So I’m very happy that shopping list apps like Bring! to exist. Did you know that you can also link Bring! to your smart home?

This way you can add groceries to the list by voice. This is very handy if you notice an item you need in between purchases. Linking the shopping app to the Google Home app is quick and easy, and now we’ll tell you what you need to do.

Pair Google Home with Bring!

  1. Launch it Google Home app on your smartphone.
  2. Select your profile picture in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Assistant settings from the menu.
  4. Scroll to Notes and lists.
  5. There, select Bring shopping lists and confirm your selection with Next.
  6. Log in with your To bring! login data and to confirm the connection.
Screenshots of Google-Home-App beim Verknüpfen mit der Bring!-App

In just a few steps, you can link Bring! to Google Home. / © NextPit

That’s it! You have finished! From now on, you can tell your smart home device which items you want to add to your shopping list just by talking to it. By the way, you can also connect the Bring! app with Alexa in much the same way!

It is important that you also name the list. You can either use an existing list or create a new one (be smarter than me and don’t call it “Bring” – because Google sometimes misunderstands this command and wants to take me somewhere).

Screenshots of Google-Home-App beim Verknüpfen mit der Bring!-App

… and boom! Chicken is now on the shopping list! / © NextPit

So shout something like “Hey Google, add two liters of milk to my XY list” and your shopping list will be updated. You can also ask Google Assistant to read you all the products with “Hey Google, what’s on my XY list”. Unfortunately, you cannot remove any product from the list in this way.

Still, I think it’s a really handy use case for my Google devices and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. Maybe when you realize in the shower that you’re out of shower gel! By the way, my dear colleague Stefan thinks this is Google Home’s best feature yet!

Do you agree or do you have another favorite feature? Already using your smart home to update your shopping lists? And what are your handiest commands for Google Assistant?