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‘Shopping Cart Killer’ person of interest in 5th murder

WASHINGTON (NewsNation) – Police in Washington, DC said Wednesday that Anthony Robinson, the alleged “shopping cart killer,” is now a person of interest in a fifth murder.

Police found the female victim dead in a shopping cart near DC’s Union Station in September 2021. Police identified her and ruled her death a homicide on Tuesday.

In December, Virginia police charged Robinson with killing four more women. They nicknamed him the “basket killer” because he allegedly used carts to transport the bodies of women they met on dating sites.

Robinson is being held in Virginia for some of the murder charges, but has not been charged for this fifth alleged victim.

Robinson, who was taken into custody in November 2021, has lived in several locations along the East Coast in recent years. He was charged with two counts of murder after two bodies were found in a vacant lot in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Evidence uncovered after his arrest led police to search an area near the Moon Inn in Fairfax County, south of Alexandria.

During the search, detectives noticed a shopping cart and recalled that a shopping cart had been used to transport the bodies in the Harrisonburg cases, said Ed O’Carroll, commander of the County Major Crimes Unit. Fairfax.