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Quarterback Edition – Philly Sports

NFL Free Agency is fast approaching and the Eagles should be looking for a quarterback. It’s ok, you can put your forks down (for now), I’m talking about a backup.

Sure, Gardner Minshew is an attractive development option, but a QB like Jalen Hurts needs all the help and advice he can get. There are some really experienced veterans ready to enter the free agent market who could be a much-needed voice of reason in the ear of a young quarterback who is ready to take a big step in his development.

Here are five the team should consider.

Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor was the man many pointed to backing up Hurts last year and with good reason. He spent the two years leading up to 2021 with the Chargers, where he worked closely with Eagles coach QB Shane Steichen. Although he rarely saw the pitch, he mentored Justin Herbert who had a thunderous escape that earned him Rookie of the Year honors.

taylor was snapped up by Texans on all teams and would probably enjoy being part of a team that doesn’t constantly implode. He’s 32, has seen a lot in his career, and is a mobile QB like Jalen Hurts. If there’s anyone who can mentor the young caller, it’s a man who plays similarly and has been a reliable starter at times during his NFL career.

Colt McCoy

35 years Colt McCoy comes off a stint with Arizona which saw him back up Kyler Murray. He played with the Browns, he played in Washington and started at least one game in each of his last three seasons.

This is a simple copy and paste for Howie Roseman, but Cards general manager Steve Keim has already made it clear he intends to bring McCoy back in 2022.

McCoy has proven to be a solid QB2 throughout his career and while he watched awful against the Panthers earlier this year he looked very polite just a week earlier.

Ideally, the Eagles wouldn’t be put in a situation where he has to play. If Arizona let him go, McCoy could be the perfect “clipboard QB” for Jalen Hurts, sitting behind even Gardner Minshew and lending his wealth of knowledge to two hungry young quarterbacks who are at a crucial stage in their development.

JaCoby Brissett

It is obvious. The Eagles were reportedly hot on Brissett’s tail this time last year, but ended up signing Joe Flacco instead. It was a puzzling decision, but they will have another chance to land a QB that Nick Sirianni knows all too well.

Eagles head coach was Jacoby Brissett’s offensive coordinator from 2018-2020. His last full season as a starter came in 2018 under Sirianni and was his best by far. Between 2017 and 2019, Brissett started 30 games for the Colts due to injuries to Andrew Luck. During that span, he’s completed 59.8 percent of his passes, thrown for 31 TDs and 13 INTs with 6,042 yards and an 84.6 QBR.

His time with the Dolphins was interesting. He actually set a career high completion percentage in Tua’s absence, throwing 5 touchdowns and 4 picks in 5 starts. He’s exactly what the Eagles need – someone who can fair about carrying an attack on the pitch in a pinch, but more importantly, a veteran arm who not only has experience working behind two of the great QBs of the last decade, but a solid relationship with Nick Sirianni. It also helps that he has some mobility around him, giving Jalen Hurts a bucket of knowledge to mine.

Geno Smith

The fall from grace is not what we are looking at here. The fact that he supported Russell Wilson in 2021 and balling for 4 pinch performances is really what turned my head.

*This is on the condition that the recent DUI charge is dropped or at least thoroughly investigated by the team.

Smith has been as effective as you could ask for as a replacement for Russ earlier this year. He completed 68% of his passes and threw for 5 touchdowns and only 1 interception. A game manager who can run, has worked with QB Howie hope Jalen Hurts will become, and has fought more than his fair share of adversity throughout his career.

Marcus Mariota

Did I add it here just because I still haven’t gotten past the “what if?” scenario in 2015? Probably.

However, the former Tennesee Titan was used similarly to Hurts in his rookie year, as a dynamic option weapon in a Raiders offense who already had his QB franchise. The two share very similar skills and it’s easy to see the appeal of bringing in a passer who has never been doubtful. this wrong.

Mariota would be closer to the type of QB that Gardner Minshew is – a fringe starter. He was injured by wounds and the resurgence of a Ryan Tannehill, and may try to find some life in Philadelphia. He wouldn’t mentor a Tyrod Taylor, but if it’s competition the Eagles want, Mariota is the guy.

Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire