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Prepare the seed shopping list

It’s not too early to start thinking about 2022 and finalizing your seed shopping list.

American Agriculturist asked the top seed companies for their “top 5” new corn and soybean varieties for 2022. These are varieties aimed at farmers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Below is a list of companies that responded to our request for the best hybrids. This is the first list, and we’ll update it as more companies reveal their top picks.

For readability, RIB stands for Refuge in a Bag and RM stands for Relative Maturity.

If you have questions about a variety, contact your local seed dealer or email American Agriculturist at [email protected]



A633-14 (103 days). This hybrid is available in VT2RIB and STX. Yield, drying and agronomics are the reasons why growers plant this hybrid with confidence. A flexible ear style with solid grain quality is an added bonus. Being widely adapted to the soil and production practices, A633-14 adapts to all farms.

A636-16 (106 days). This hybrid is available as a VT2 and conventional product. It is a dual purpose style hybrid with strong vigour, good plant health and superb stems and roots. Flexible spike style allows planting populations to match yield goals. Yield, agronomy and versatility are the strengths of A636-16.

A641-85 (111 days). This hybrid is available in the Trecepta trait package. It is designed for the most productive acres where management is high. The more you feed this hybrid, the better it performs.

A643-52 (113 days). This hybrid is available as a VT2RIB and STX product. Not all acres are cream puffs, and those medium to tough acres need a product that can handle stress while producing plenty of bushels when conditions are ideal. A643-52 is that one-size-fits-all consistent genetic that delivers excellent grain quality and agronomic properties.

A647-42 (117 days). This hybrid is available in the Trecepta trait package. This is the new yield leader in AgriGold’s full season range. It features a round cob style with very deep kernels and responds to any type of additional management. The yield punch is strong enough to outperform most other hybrids without anything extra. It is best for moderate to more productive acres, allowing it to fulfill its genetic potential.

Augusta Seed

A2150 (100 days). This hybrid has excellent stress tolerance and a semi-flexible ear. It excels in the 175 to 200 bushel range.

A4858 (108 days). This hybrid has good ear flexibility, very good plant health and exceptional test weight. It performs particularly well in arid areas. A4858 tends to flower early, but has good late season integrity.

A4759 (109 days). This is a very good dual purpose hybrid that performs well in a corn on corn environment. It performs well on less productive soils but likes population, so keep it at the higher end of what your soil will support. It is a consistent performer and widely adaptable to all soil types.

A1259. This hybrid has big ear flex and big top end yields. This plant needs 34,000 or less and likes to be harvested early for best results. It will respond to intensive management, but it can be placed on lighter soils as long as populations remain low.

A3053. It is a plant that has a good movement towards the south and the east. It is a grain-only hybrid with good stalks and excellent plant health.


4669D4Z (86 days). Consistent potential in a set with strong defensive characteristics, circular ear style and solid test weight. It has excellent stem, root and plant health resilience, and also exhibits high drought tolerance thanks to Agrisure Artesian genetics. Works in all soils and all yields.

5120/5121GTA/5125V4Z (91 days). These have top-shelf yields and high stress tolerance, and are adaptable to diverse soils and plant populations. They feature semi-flexible spikes on a medium sized plant with dual purpose potential and medium test weight grain on a semi-flexible spike. They work in all soils and yield levels.

5521RRS (95 days). For silage, this variety is tall with long, flexible spikes on a white spike; strong NDFD and tonnage with 25% mealy endosperm kernels; and 10-12% higher starch digestibility than dual-purpose hybrids. Place in average to better soils, planted to a high of 30,000 or less in the 85-95 RM zones of Pennsylvania and New York.

5701GT (97 days). Strong yield potential with excellent eastern adaptation, excellent stem strength, plant health and late season integrity. It has a very good grain quality with flex and girth. It has good dual-purpose potential and can move south of the zone in average to best soils planted at moderate to high populations.

6029D4Z (107 days). This hybrid has strong agronomic qualities in a new genetic package for 95 to 105 RM. It has excellent cob flex with good grain quality and test weight, and is well suited to the East and varied soils and yield environments. This good dual purpose hybrid can adapt to corn on corn, and in all soils and yield levels.


H4763RC2P (115 days). Excellent yield potential with strong agronomy.

H4744RC2P (114 days). Very good disease set and works in most yield environments.

H09G056 (109 days). Excellent yield potential, good flex and ear circumference.

H6134RCSS (96 days). Very good agronomic package with strong emergence and seedling vigour.

H6038RCSS (89 days). Strong agronomy and good emergence.

King’s Agriseeds/RedTail

RT 43T48 (93 days). A dual purpose hybrid with flexible ears, excellent leaf and stem disease resistance and VIP 3220 EZ traits.

RT 45T09-D2 (95 days). A dual purpose hybrid with semi-flexible ears, excellent leaf and stem disease resistance and Duracade 5222 EZ traits.

RT 51T57 (101 days). Excellent seedling vigor and early growth. Can be used as an early hybrid in longer season areas. It offers dual-purpose performance for a wide range of environments and 3122 EZ traits.

RT 57T85 (107 days). This variety presents a robust plant with excellent silage and grain performance, and wide regional adaptation. Includes VIP 3111 features.

RT 65T09-D1 (115 days). This is a sturdy medium sized plant with excellent emergence and plant vigor – excellent for direct seeding and early planting – Duracade 5122 EZ traits.



G3030XF (3.0RM). This hybrid with XtendFlex traits is a perfect combination of yield and agronomy. It has a strong tolerance to disease and the ability to traverse just about any environment, making it a go-to plant.

G3451E3 (3.4WD). This Enlist E3 variety also combines high yield with strong agronomic qualities. It is a broadly adapted medium to bushy soybean that offers excellent disease and stress tolerance and excellent standability.

G3490XF (3.4WD). This XtendFlex variety brings heavy pods, a medium plant structure that adapts to all types of soil. This middle group 3 bean will bring yield and agronomy to very large areas. Excellent crop standability completes the package from planting to the appearance of the combine.

G3649E3 (3.6RM). This Enlist E3 soybean is designed for all yield zones and production practices. It has excellent Sudden Death Syndrome tolerance coupled with strong emergence, allowing this bean to be planted early to truly maximize every acre. This medium sized bushy soybean will cover everything from stressful acres to high yielding acres.

G3724XF (3.7RM). This soybean with the XtendFlex trait will easily replace AgriGold’s yield-dominating 3.7 Xtend soybeans. It is an offensive style bean with a nice harvest appearance. Manage the population based on the yield goal, and sit back and let that soybean do its job.


C2355XF (2.3WD). This medium sized XtendFlex plant has a potent phytophthora package. It handles tougher soil conditions and poorly drained fields, and is a good choice for narrow, no-till rows.

C3255XF (3.2WD). This medium XtendFlex plant has a very good stand, an excellent defensive package with wide adaptation and an even stable line that works through soils and yields.

C3755XF (3.7RM). This medium sized XtendFlex line has excellent staying power, very strong defensive traits with high tolerance to sudden death syndrome and medium tolerance to leaf spot.

C3655E (3.6RM). This Enlist E3 strain has new mid III genetics with a step change in yield performance. It is stable in all soils and stress conditions and high yielding, and is widely adapted with a significant yield advantage over older varieties.

C3855E (3.8RM). This Enlist E3 is a medium plant with excellent staying power. It exhibits tolerance to Sudden Death Syndrome with attractive grey-brown plants, good defense and adaptation to high yielding soils.


H29-19R2X (2.9RM). This strain has exceptional yield potential and an excellent all-round disease package.

H35-31XF (3.5RM). The strain offers excellent performance potential over a wide geographical area.

H44-42XF (4.4WD). This variety has a strong emergence and is a tall plant with excellent standability.

H48-31XF (4.8RM). Tall plant with good staying power.

H54-10XF (5.4WD). This variety is resistant to root knots, is a tall plant and has a tawny color.