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Police confirm there may be a 5th victim of the ‘Shopping Cart Killer’

The suspect, Anthony Robinson, has been in custody since 2021 and is charged with two counts of first degree murder.

WASHINGTON (DC News Now) – The Metropolitan Police Department has confirmed that Anthony Robinson, the so-called “shopping cart killer” – is a person of interest in a homicide that took place in Washington DC, in September.

Robinson, who is currently being held at Rockingham-Harrisonburg Regional Jail in Virginia, has been linked to five inquests into the deaths of women in DC and Virginia. He is currently charged with two counts of first degree murder and two counts of concealing, transporting or altering a corpse.

The fifth potential victim, Sonya Champ, 40, was a DC resident who family members describe as someone who loved her family.

On September 7, 2021, members of the MPD First District arrived at the 200 block of F Street, northeast, where they found a woman “unconscious and unresponsive, inside a shopping cart.” The woman, later identified as Champ, was then transported to the chief medical examiner’s office for an autopsy, which concluded that her death was a homicide.

Back at a press conference in January, Maj. Ed O’Carroll of the Fairfax County Bureau of Crimes/Cybercrime and Forensics referred to Champ as a possible Robinson victim.

“This deceased woman, in a shopping cart, was covered only with a blanket,” O’Carroll said in January. “We believe this may be Anthony Eugene Robinson’s 5th victim. This is based on digital evidence that places him in the same vicinity at the time of the victim’s disappearance. Sad and tragic.

Now MPD has confirmed that by declaring Robinson a person of interest, although he claims he has not been charged with her murder.

Robinson has been charged with the murders of two women found in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He is also suspected of killing Cheyenne Brown, 29, of Washington, DC, and Stephanie Harrison, 48.

DC News Now has asked the MPD for more information, including if they believe there may be other victims, if there is a connection between the victims and what information led them to declare Robinson a person of ‘interest. The agency declined to specifically answer questions, but provided the following statement.

“Anthony Robinson is currently a person of interest related to this case. We continue to investigate this homicide with our local law enforcement partners. At this time, we have not made any arrests in the Sonya Champ Homicide Case There is no additional information available to provide at this time.