Shopping center

New Lee County Mall Opens Tuesday


Construction of a new shopping center near Corkscrew Road in Lee County began on Tuesday morning.

Developers say the Verdana Village Shoppes, located six miles east of I-75 along Corkscrew Road, will be a one-stop-shop for area neighbors, featuring a Publix supermarket, retail stores and restaurants. The area is growing and developers say the county wants to offer more to the community through this mall.

Publix will occupy approximately 49,000 square feet of the development and an additional 15,000 square feet will be reserved for retail and restaurant space. WINK News spoke with someone who lives where the Shoppes will be built, and he says that’s exactly what the area needs because he currently has to drive miles to get groceries.

“It’s gonna be awesome; it’s bad right now, driving 15 minutes through all this construction to get in, and sometimes you want to get, like, a Gatorade at the gas station and there’s nowhere to go right now it’ll be awesome when it comes,” said Patrick Smith. “We’re very excited, hoping there will be some great restaurants there, can’t wait to get a golf cart at a I heard that the Publix would potentially be two stories, maybe pretty cool.

At 8 a.m., Lee County leaders and development members held a ribbon-cutting ceremony.