Shopping list

Murder defendant’s shopping list for ‘hair dye, wigs, masks’

A CARLISLE Crown Court murder jury has seen CCTV footage of the times Ryan Kirkpatrick, 24, was fatally stabbed.

The video evidence was shown in court on the second day of the trial as the prosecution presented its case against the two men charged with the murder of Mr Kirkpatrick on the evening of September 18 last year at Carlyle’s Court in central London. town.

Kane Hull, 29, of no fixed address, and Liam Porter, 33, of Fulmar Place, Carlisle, deny murder and manslaughter.

For more than an hour, Detective Constable Jim Gorrill guided the court through video footage that the prosecution says is part of the evidence that will help prove the guilt of the two defendants.

The first part of the evidence covered CCTV footage recorded by cameras at the Royal Scot pub in Morton, Carlisle, in the hours before Mr Kirkpatrick was stabbed.

Just before 7.30pm, Liam Porter is seen being chased out of the pub in an Audi car but just over ten minutes later he returns.

Footage of the pub’s outdoor smoking area was then shown to the jury. Recorded after Porter’s return to the Royal Scot, it showed Hull sitting on a bench, chatting with a woman while Porter spoke to someone on his mobile phone.

Just before 8pm, a camera covering the front of the pub shows Hull and Porter departing, getting into a blue Volvo with a spoiler on the boot lid.

The car also has distinctive 14-spoke silver alloy wheels and a black exterior mirror, while the second one was silver. At 8.24pm, according to video footage from the town centre, the same car – identifiable by its distinctive alloy wheels and spoiler – arrived at St Mary’s Gate, outside the entrance to Carlyle’s Court.

The jury then viewed video of what the prosecution said was the first of two encounters that night between Mr Kirkpatrick and Kane Hull.

Shortly before that, the court heard that Porter had been filmed entering Carlyle’s yard. CCTV shows him walking past Mr Kirkpatrick, who is standing outside the Mamoa Bar with friends, chatting.

Porter then enters the bar, where he makes a phone call and leaves.

The following video clip shows Hull and Porter, according to the prosecution, entering Carlyle Court. Hull is seen picking up a glass from a table, emptying it and then, DC Gorrill said, walking towards Mr Kirkpatrick, who was still with friends outside the Mamoa Bar.

Mr Kirkpatrick is seen stepping back.

Another camera angle from inside Carlyle’s Court shows Hull being ‘pinned’ in a corner by passers-by who have intervened, the court heard. Porter, meanwhile, is seen standing a short distance away with his arms outstretched.

After a brief break in the proceedings to allow some members of the public in the court’s public gallery to leave, prosecutor Tim Evans asked DC Gorrill to guide the jury through the next video clip, which depicts the 30-second encounter. during which Mr. Kirkpatrick was fatally stabbed. by a masked and hooded figure in front of shocked onlookers.

The assailant, his face covered in a balaclava and mask, is seen running towards Mr Kirkpatrick and rushing towards him. The knife then recoils briefly, lifting its mask to reveal its face to the victim.

Then the knife runs to Mr. Kirkpatrick again and lowers his mask again, momentarily revealing his face. A second man – also hooded and masked – is seen standing nearby as this happens.

Some footage shows onlookers rushing to help Mr. Kirkpatrick. The following video clip, recorded seconds later, shows the two masked men running from Carlyle’s Court to Fisher Street, one still clearly holding the knife in his right hand.

As they flee, the balaclava worn by the man with the knife slips off momentarily, exposing the man’s head and part of his face. It also revealed Kane Hull’s “distinctive bald head”, Mr Evans told the jury.

In earlier evidence, Mr Evans described the events after the fatal stabbing. Referring to phone calls allegedly made by the defendants, the prosecutor said there would be evidence of calls and messages from Hull to a man called Ross Neville.

One such call, the jury heard, summoned Mr Neville from the bar he was in so he could help the two defendants.

Referring to phone records, Mr Evans said: ‘You see Ross Neville being called in later that night to help you.’ Neville sent instructions for a meeting at Carlisle airport, the prosecutor said.

“Shortly after midnight until the early hours of September 19,” Mr Evans said, “a white vehicle is seen in the Smithfield area by a witness. Smithfield is only a few miles from the airport in Carlisle.”

A witness saw “flaming objects” being thrown from a white Shogun-type car around midnight.

Mr. Neville owned a white Toyota Lancruiser. Among the flaming objects thrown from the car, Mr Evans said were ‘incriminating objects linking them [the defendants] to the murder that we get rid of.

The jury also heard testimony about how a woman named Olivia Memmory, 22, helped find alternative accommodation for the defendants in the hours and days after the assault. On the afternoon of September 19, the court heard, Hull was in Newcastle.

He called a law firm there twice, the last call lasting five minutes and 43 seconds.

Evidence showed that Hull and Porter first stayed at River View Holiday Park in Newcastleton and then at Alston. Olivia Memmory organized the Alston B&B, the court heard.

The defendants then took a ferry from Stranraer to Northern Ireland, spending a night in Belfast. They then traveled to the Republic of Ireland.

When they were arrested, the court heard, Kane Hull was “hiding in an attic”. Police also discovered that the defendants had “a shopping list”. The last items listed there were: “Hair Dye, Glasses, Hat/Wig, Masks and Munchies”.

After Mr. Evans concluded his opening for the prosecution, the jury heard from attorneys for the two defendants for the first time.

Toby Hedworth KC, for Hull, said: “It is accepted that Kane Hull was involved in the incident involving Ryan Kirkpatrick at Carlyle’s Court at around 8.31pm on September 18, 2021.

“It is denied that Kane Hull was present at Carlyle’s Court at around 8.47pm that evening or that he had any involvement in the violence inflicted on Ryan Kirkpatrick.

“It is admitted that at this time, fearing that he would be wrongly accused of having inflicted violence on Ryan Kirkpatrick, Kane Hull subsequently took action to avoid arrest.”

Liam Walker KC, for Porter, told the jury: “Mr. Porter’s presence at the first incident is accepted. His presence during the second incident is not accepted.

“It is not admitted that the second man present at Carlyle’s Court encouraged or assisted the person to stab Ryan Kirkpatrick. Finally, it is not admitted that the second man present at Carlyle’s Court intended the dagger to kill or at least cause really serious harm.”

The trial will resume Monday morning.