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Mum shares €30 Aldi shopping list that feeds her family for a week

A mum has been praised for sharing her ‘incredible’ €30 Aldi shopping list which feeds her family for a week.

Instagrammer Ashleigh shared how she can cook five family meals by spending just €30 at the popular supermarket.

The mother-of-one, who works as a geography teacher, has uploaded pictures of her Aldi shopping cart in a bid to help other busy parents with meal ideas.

Her posts have earned her nearly 100,000 followers on the social media platform.

Tens of thousands of people liked her recent shopping post in which Ashleigh – also known as @Cardiff.Mum – shows off her €30 trolley and the meals she made with the goods.

Among them were Parmesan-crusted Chicken Alfredo, Cajun Chicken Ciabattas, Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi, and Pulled Chicken and Chorizo ​​Quesadillas, our reports on our sister’s mirror site.

An Aldi store in Ireland

Along with recipes, Ashleigh shares her top tips for optimizing your shopping.

These include buying a kilogram of chicken breasts and using them in a number of ways using spices you may already have in the cupboard.

Followers took to the platform to thank Ashleigh for the meal inspiration, tagging friends and family in the meal ideas.

Lu Weston commented, “It’s amazing! I will definitely try some of these recipes! Thank you!”

Carissa added, “Ooo I need the recipes. Sick of spending £100 in grocery stores!”

Ashleigh’s €30 Aldi shopping list

Ashleigh created a Instagram highlight reel of all her recipes and ideas for shoppers to check out if they are meal planning on a budget. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to create his family meals.

Her shopping list (below) excludes items you may already have in your kitchen, like butter and sugar.

  • Brie
  • Beef burgers
  • Fresh arugula
  • piccolo tomatoes
  • A bag of small potatoes
  • Leftover Sourdough Ciabattas
  • A packet of mushrooms
  • Pre-rolled puff pastry
  • fresh parsley
  • Sour cream
  • Lemons
  • spicy chorizo
  • A packet of peppers
  • wheat tortillas
  • Bag of passata
  • A bag of frozen raw or king prawns
  • A large package of chicken breasts
  • A bag of mashed potatoes
  • A can of black beans or any legumes you have

His message comes as many households across Ireland are grappling with a cost of living crisis. The price of almost everything has gone up – from fuel to energy to food.

In a bid to ease the crisis, the government is offering every Irish household €200 off their electricity bill in the coming months.