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Mother of alleged shopping cart killer victim speaks

Cheyenne Brown, 29, was nearly five months pregnant when police believe she was killed. She leaves behind a son.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The mother of a pregnant woman who was allegedly murdered by the so-called shopping cart killer reflects on what her family has endured.

Although Fairfax County police are still awaiting DNA results to confirm his identity, they believe 29-year-old Cheyenne Brown is one of at least four women the suspected serial killer has murdered.

Her mother, Nicandra Brown, said she knew it was her, because of her tattoo.

“I’m so angry, I don’t even have any tears left,” Cheyenne’s mother, Nicandra Brown, said. “I’m just like, why would you do that to my daughter? …she was so full of life.”

Police have called the killer a ‘shopping cart killer’ as they say he hooked up with women on dating apps, did ‘unspeakable things’ to them, then used a shopping cart to move their bodies .

Police have arrested Anthony Robinson, 35, for the murder of Cheyenne and three others, and they are looking for even more victims.

Nicandra said her cousin recognized Robinson’s photo as a man Cheyenne had invited home on several occasions.

They found what they believe to be Cheyenne’s body in the woods near the Moon Inn hotel in Alexandria in early December. Her mother said she was almost five months pregnant at the time.

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Nicandra said that on September 30, her daughter got on a subway bus in DC and disappeared.

“Calling, you know, hospitals looking for women like Jane Doe or unidentified women, you know, checking the morgue,” she said. “I was a wreck.”

Now, she’s focused on helping Cheyenne’s seven-year-old son Juan figure out what happened.

“He always picks up the phone, he always tries to call her,” she said. “So I know he doesn’t really understand.”

And neither do they, really. But, they say his spirit is helping the family through this year.

“He has the same heart, like his mother,” she said. “It’s like she was, she’s still there with us. She’s still there with us, through him.

Nicandra said Juan had autism and needed extra support, including therapy sessions to help him understand what had happened, so a community activist set up a gofundme to help the family.

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