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Mojo Vision tests smart contact lenses on Alexa Shopping List

Mojo Vision announced the development of a potential Alexa Shopping List implementation on its smart contact lens prototype, Mojo Lens.

Having been the first third-party consumer app on a smart contact lens, the test integration aims to show how Alexa’s voice AI could be integrated by Mojo Vision with its lens’ unique eye interface.

The test’s integration with Alexa Shopping List highlights how the company’s eyes-up and hands-free technology could work with Amazon’s Alexa Shopping List feature and Alexa voice AI. The use case provides an experience that allows people to access their shopping list while at the grocery store or any other retail establishment, without distractions, allowing them to check things off the list hands-free, while simultaneously ensuring that no items on said list are missed.

In the integration test, the user has the option to ask Alexa to add the required items to an Alexa shopping list before or during the trip to the store. The Alexa Shopping List feature would be featured as one of the apps on Mojo Lens, allowing the user to access their list within their view frame, while moving freely through the store aisles. The shopper can read and scroll through the list using only their eyes and can also check off items as they add them to their cart. If a separate household member adds items to the Alexa shopping list, the list is immediately updated on Mojo Lens to ensure no items are missed before payment.

To make this test demo of Alexa Shopping List for Mojo Lens possible, Mojo Vision was supported by Amazon with implementation and development.

Mojo Vision officials said the Alexa Shopping List exemplifies how Mojo Lens has the ability to be a platform for a range of hands-free consumer apps and experiences. Using Amazon’s Alexa as an example of how people interact with technology through their voice, Mojo Vision sees a similar opportunity for technology development with vision at its center and believes Mojo Lens will help accelerate the way which people access information without having to distract them. of their surroundings.

Amazon representatives also said the Mojo Lens, Alexa Shopping List use case exemplifies the possibilities for hands-free and smart shopping experiences.

As it progresses in the development of its smart contact lens technology, Mojo Vision continues its research to identify the potential of this solution.

Mojo Lens Abilities

Mojo Lens is the world’s first development of smart contact lenses. Mojo Vision has already demonstrated working prototypes of the products, with its latest prototype including a host of industry-first features such as the world’s smallest and densest digital signage, low latency communication and user interface controlled by the eyes.

Backed by years of scientific research, as well as various technology patents, Mojo Lens can overlay images, symbols and text onto users’ natural field of vision, without obstructing their sight, restricting their mobility or hampering their social interactions. , an experiment that is labeled by the company as “Invisible Computing”. The eyes-up, hands-free experience is designed to help users access information quickly and discreetly, without having to stare at a screen or lose focus on people or surroundings.

Mojo Vision Corporate Mission

Mojo Vision is an invisible computing company that seeks to develop products and platforms that reimagine the intersectionality of ideas, information and people, seeking to provide immediate information and knowledge, without any interruption of traditional devices. . Invisible computing is considered the invention of computing of the future, as it imagines a world where information is accessible when needed, technology dissipates, and people can freely connect with others.