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Ministry pushes mall certification to attract investment

At least 70% of merchants in malls must sell original products (not fakes).

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Law and Human Rights is promoting intellectual property-based certification of shopping malls to improve investors’ confidence to invest in Indonesia, according to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the ministry.

So far, the ministry has certified 17 shopping malls and verified 77 submitted documents required for certification, the Director of Investigations and Dispute Resolution at the Branch, Anom Wibowo, informed on Thursday.

The mall’s certification is part of Indonesia’s effort to be removed from the Priority Watch List (PWL) – a list of countries considered by the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) to have serious violations of the intellectual property.

In addition to increasing the confidence of foreign investors, the issuance of the certification, under the leadership of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), is expected to open up as many investment opportunities as possible so that all countries can invest in Indonesia, said noted the director.

Therefore, the opening of investment opportunities must also be supported by strict enforcement of intellectual property laws, he added.

To be eligible for certification, shopping centers must sell goods that have been listed in the branch’s data system, whether they are still at the application stage or have been registered, it said. he informed.

In addition, the goods must not infringe intellectual property.

“At least 70% of mall merchants must sell original (not fake) products,” Wibowo said.

The IP-based mall certification program has been designated as the top management’s priority program for 2023 so that Indonesia can be removed from the PWL, he explained.

In the future, the certification will target not only modern shopping malls but also traditional markets by adopting a humanistic approach, such as carrying out IP trainings and disseminations, he added.

The certification should be extended to various industrial centers in districts and cities, he said.

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