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LPL Mid-Season Shopping List Part 1

With mid-season in full swing, with the LPL represented by RNG at MSI, some teams have some shopping to do ahead of the next split. Whether it’s because they need to replace underperforming ones or they need a new player for a role, most teams will go through changes. This series will explore the changes teams can make to improve for the Summer Split. Covering four teams at once, the series will start at the bottom and work its way up. Today’s teams are ThunderTalk Gaming, LGD, WE and Invictus Gaming. Without further ado, here are the changes teams can make.

LPL Mid-Season Shopping List: ThunderTalk Gaming

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Current list:

Top lane: New

Jungle: leader

Midfielder: Ucal

Bot Lane Carry: Puff

Support: South Wind

It is difficult to measure the strengths of TT. Ucal AND Chieftain joined well early in the season, and even when they joined they didn’t deliver what was expected of them. New also had a forgettable split. However, the most glaring issue was their inconsistent bot lane. While Puff had some amazing games, he had other games where he just wasn’t a factor. And his partner in crime, Southwind, has even more consistency issues.

Given that, a good option for a bot lane would be to grab MAX’s duo from Xiaguang and Xinmo. Xiaguang, formerly known as BBD, spent quite a bit of time with the academic team of EDG and EDG. And Xinmo had a brief stint in the LPL, playing for BLG. These two changes should help ThunderTalk Gaming stabilize and possibly make the playoffs in the Summer Split.

LPL Mid-Season Race List: LGD

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Current list:

Top Lane: Fear

Jungle: Shad0w

Middle: YeG

Bot Lane Carry: Eric

Support: Jinjiao

Oh LGD. Seems like every year LGD fans go through the same trials and tribulations. The team has a bad spring, causing the team to spend massive sums in the summer, in an effort to bring the team up to speed. While Shad0w is likely to stay, and Fearness and Eric could stay, YeG and Jinjiao need to be replaced if LGD is serious about taking on even the mid-pack teams. In the case of YeG, there are a few choices to be made.

If an untested LPL rookie is what they want, then BLG’s academy team Pinz is the best on the market right now. BLG Academy stomped the LDL this spring, and Pinz was by far the best mid laner. However, if LGD wants a slightly more experienced player, WE’s Shanks, TT’s Captain, or Ultra Prime’s Cryin are good choices. However, in Jinjiao’s case, LGD doesn’t really have much of a choice. Jwei, also from BLG’s academy team, is by far the best choice out there, with Top Esports’ Zhuo also a possibility.

LPL Mid-Season Race List: Team World Elite

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Current list:

Top Laner: Biubiu

Jungler: Beishang

Mid Lane: Xiye

Bot Lane Carry : Xing

Support: Kedaya

Another team that fans have to suffer from is WE. After nearly reaching Worlds last summer, their roster finished as the third-worst team in the spring. To be fair, they lost 3 of their five players, and one of the remaining two only played towards the end of the split. Beishang being with the team from the start, WE could get more wins. However, Biubiu cannot continue to underperform, if WE are to qualify for the playoffs.

Invictus Gaming’s Neny would be a good move. Invincible, from V5 87, V5’s academy team, would also be a great choice. However, another change they could make, albeit risky, would be to move Shanks to the bot lane. Neither Xing nor Stay have the killer instincts needed to run a game, which Shanks has. It’s a risky change, but it could pay dividends.

LPL Mid-Season Shopping List: Invictus Gaming

LPL mid-season purchases
Image courtesy of Leaguepedia

Current list:

Top lane: Zika

Jungle: Xun

Mid Lane: Yuekai

Bot Lane Carry: Wink

Support: Lucas

Invictus Gaming are one of the few teams not expected to change much for the summer. In fact, it is probably the opposite that they must do. During their Spring Split, they brought in Mole, out of nowhere, as Yuekai’s replacement. The team began to stumble and underperform, leading to Yuekai’s return and they ended Top Esports’ winning streak. Wink coming in for Ahn was also a bit of a hit or miss, but that one at least had a generally positive effect. Considering that Invictus Gaming doesn’t assemble a roster to win the LPL, but to allow their players to evolve into champions over time, constantly changing the roster will do the opposite of what you want. Choose a roster from the players you already have and stick to it. It’s the best thing IG can do for the Summer Split.

And that concludes the first installment of the LPL Mid-Season shopping lists. Be sure to check back next time, where the next four teams will be analyzed.

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