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Lee Kwang-soo stars in comedy “The Killer’s Shopping List”

“The Killer’s Shopping List” (tvN)

South Korean star actor and entertainer Lee Kwang-soo is back on the small screen as a cashier at a neighborhood supermarket in upcoming mystery comedy “The Killer’s Shopping List.”

Motivated by the novel “The Killer’s Shopping Mall” by Kang Ji-young, tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday television series follows people searching for the killer in a mysterious murder case that occurs near a humble neighborhood supermarket named MS Mart.

Lee stars as Dae-sung, the supermarket owner’s son, who has an exceptional memory and begins his own investigation of the case based on a receipt allegedly left by the killer.

“The storyline was very interesting and exciting, and the character was really new to me,” he said during a press conference that was streamed online Monday. “I loved doing this project. I thought if I missed this chance, I might not get another chance to play such an appealing character forever.”

“The Killer” is Lee’s first TV series in about four years since the drama “Live” (2018) as a police officer. During the period, Lee appeared in films, including the disaster film “Sinkhole” (2021) and the fantasy adventure “The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure” (2022).

He said that Dae-sung is a curious person with boy-next-door looks and memorizes every detail of MS Mart regulars. Due to his curious nature and good memorization, he willingly gets involved in the murder case.

“Dae-sung is interested in everything and everyone around him. He loves them. In this aspect, Dae-sung and I are very similar,” said Lee, who rose to fame among Asian fans through on the SBS variety show “Running Man.” “But I tried to be a more friendly and familiar man than you can meet in your neighborhood.”

Dae-sung’s longtime girlfriend Ah-hee, a passionate young policewoman who is determined to watch over the village and protect her boyfriend, is played by Kim Seol-hyun, also known as the group’s Seolhyun. of K-pop girls AOA.

The singer-actress said she didn’t strive to act funnier or look funnier in her first comedy project.

“There are so many comedic situations in the script, and I just tried to present my character in the way that the script describes,” she said. “And the long-time friendship with Lee Kwang-soo helped me create greater on-screen chemistry than I expected on the show.”

Director Lee Eon-hee, who directed mystery film “Missing” (2016) and crime comedy “The Accidental Detective 2: In Action” (2018), said she focused more on creating friendly characters in his first television series, which was originally intended to be a two-hour film.

“In a comedy, the characters need to get familiar with the viewers so that the viewers can laugh at even a small, trivial situation,” she said. “This is a big crime that happens in a small village. But it can happen around us. I try to portray neighborhood incidents in an exciting way.”

The eight-part series will air Wednesday on tvN. (Yonhap)