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Lee Kwang-soo and Seolhyun in a comedy thriller

The killer’s shopping list (살인자의 쇼핑목록) is a 2022 South Korean comedy thriller film based on the novel of the same name by Kang Ji-young. The drama is directed by Lee Eon-hee and stars Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Seol-hyun, and Jin Hee-kyung in the lead roles. The killer’s shopping list Episode 1 has a duration of 62 minutes.

– Killer’s Shopping List Episode 1 Recap Contains Spoilers –

The drama opens in 1996 at Dae-sung mart on the outskirts of Seoul. A strange man lurks around the market and grabs a Choco Pie and enters the store to make payment. Dae-sung mart’s owner, Jung Myung-sook, welcomes him inside but when he gives a $5 bill as payment, Myung-sung’s son, Dae-sung, snatches it away. Dae-sung checks the serial number on the note and with his powerful memory finds that they received notes with similar numbers, meaning they are fake.

Still from Episode 1 of The Killer’s Shopping List

While trying to pretend nothing happened, the criminal tries to pay real money and tries to run away but Dae-sung closes the store shutter and runs to the police station. As he goes to the police station, the criminal attacks Dae-sung’s mother but by the time the police reach the market, his mother has already shot the criminal. His mother receives the brave citizen award, and his store also begins to attract more customers. However, the criminal threatens Dae-sung to come back for him and Dae-sung hates Choco Pie ever since. Five years later, Dae-sung finds a note written on the box of Choco Pie that says “I’m back” but the criminal doesn’t show up.

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Fast forward, Dae-sung has now grown up and is 30 years old. He tried to pass the grade 9 civil service exam, the lowest level of the exam, but still failed. He has a 20-year-old girlfriend, Do A-hee. Despite their long relationship, they have recently encountered problems. A-hee is a policeman but Dae-sung still doesn’t earn a living and A-hee’s father doesn’t want his daughter to be with him anymore. That’s why A-hee and Dae-sung break up and this time it’s more serious than their petty fights.

The killer's shopping list episode 1
Still from Episode 1 of The Killer’s Shopping List

After failing both love and career in his life, Dae-sung returns home but his mother asks him to pay the rent because she is tired of him dumping her for free. Dae-sung’s father doesn’t work either and his mother takes care of them both. She can no longer expect anything from her husband but she can expect her young son to be responsible for himself. He gets a job at his mother’s supermarket after asking her, but he is on a one-month internship. The supermarket hasn’t been doing well lately and his mother doesn’t know if it will stay or sink.

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 1 Ending

Dae-sung starts working as a cashier at the market, and on the first day he meets a kid who is trying to buy alcohol. However, buying alcohol is not the only strange thing the child has done. The little girl brings a slipper she found on the road and asks Dae-sung to put it in lost and found. Dae-sung recognizes the slipper of one of his customers who no longer shops in his store. In order to revive his declining business, Dae-sung decides to maintain relationships with his customers.

The killer's shopping list episode 1
Still from Episode 1 of The Killer’s Shopping List

Dae-sung goes to the girl’s apartment and finds many packages of Choco Pie outside her door. He knocks on the door but no one answers. On the way back, a crazy old man blocks his way but later returns to the bushes and shouts loudly. Dae-sung goes to the old man and finds the corpse of the girl he was looking for, with a single slipper on her leg. Both scream loudly as they fall and try to run away.

Killer’s Shopping List Episode 1 Review

Lee Kwang-soo is back with another comedy show with AOA Seolhyun. The killer’s shopping list Episode 1 starts well in a good mood. All the characters have a comic side, whether they are criminals or policemen. It will be a fun watch with crime thriller and comedy together.

The killer’s shopping list is available to watch on Viki.

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