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KU fans celebrate the championship by surfing the basket

Kansas fans partied responsibly on Monday night.

After the Jayhawks’ 72-69 win over North Carolina in the NCAA Tournament’s men’s national championship game, fans came out in droves to celebrate mass.

The Lawrence Police Department estimated that 70,000 people were on Massachusetts Street after the game. There were ‘minimal incidents’, police tweeted, with initial reports of three arrests. One person received “a notice to appear without physical arrest. None included serious injuries,” the LPD said.

A KU fan showed up in a Spider-man costume but didn’t have to fight crime on Monday. Everyone was just in too good a mood.

Spidey wasn’t close to the weirdest thing to happen at the celebration in Lawrence. It goes back to the fan who was crowd surfing…in a shopping cart.

For the record, the LPD discourages this sort of thing but it made for an unusual sight on Mass Street.

Has this basket returned to the store? Probably not, but this KU fan had some pretty cool selfies.

This story was originally published April 5, 2022 10:02 a.m.

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