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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that packaging is a determining factor in how your potential customers perceive your brand or business. That said, investing in high quality products product packers will help your brand capture the attention of your target audience.

You may want to look at the packaging from the buyer’s perspective, as this will help you determine what will grab their attention and increase your sales. Think about it, you walk into a store and choose some new products to take home. Naturally, the first thing you’ll see on the shelf is the packaging before the product itself.

Here are the crucial reasons why packaging is important and why you should never skimp on product packaging:

Demonstrate brand identity

The better the packaging, the more you will connect with your target audience; however, you must ensure that the packaging creates the perfect impression of your business and the product(s) inside the packaging.

When designing the box and packaging for your products, you will want the packaging to serve as a reminder to your customers about your company and your products. To incorporate brand identity into product packaging, you may want to focus on the following aspects:

  • A clear display of your company logo on the packaging/box.
  • Use of attractive colors, fonts and trademarks.
  • The box should have a good first impression on new customers.
  • Ideally, the packaging should also bring back old memories for your loyal customers.

When it comes to effective packaging, you might want to make sure that everything written on the packaging is informative and something your customers need to know.

Boost the customer experience

You may have heard of the unboxing experience before – it’s all over social media, where potential buyers share their unboxing experience with the world. That said, smart business owners use their product packaging and subsequent unboxing experience as a marketing strategy.

As a newbie entrepreneur, you might want to think back to when you were a kid at Christmas. Remember those days when you got up very early and ran to get your gifts under the Christmas tree.

Remembering, you might realize the excitement of the colorful gifts that are elegantly wrapped, and when you tear them open, it’s a pure thrill, excitement and joy of life that runs through your body.

Today, as an adult, you can get the same feeling when you come home and see a package on your doorstep – even when you know exactly what you’re getting, there’s still that level of excitement. and happiness when you unbox it. .

If you’re an e-commerce brand selling your products online, tapping into that emotion is an amazing way to leave a lasting positive impression on your customer, especially when they’re most receptive.

How to create the best unboxing experience

If we look at the packaging, we see that it is the first point of contact for your customer, and quality packaging can lead customers to try your contact for the first time. Therefore, it is very important that you leave a positive and lasting first impression.

The first step to designing the perfect unboxing experience is using custom packaging. You could think of the box as your stage to showcase your product to your potential customers when it’s opened.

The next part of creating a killer unboxing experience is what’s inside the box, which isn’t just the product itself. You may want to print inside the box to add a level of luxury and a little touch of elegance, which is also a nice way to say “thank you” and maybe keep a hidden message in there that’s only for your customers.

The hidden message can be as simple as a thank you note – printed or handwritten. If you look at the rating from the customer’s perspective, you will understand how valuable such a rating can be by making your customers feel like they own a product. It’s also a great way to add to the ideal unboxing experience.

Packaging as a marketing strategy

A good quality box is ideal for an influencer’s unboxing video – another innovative digital marketing strategy you can’t ignore as a business owner. You need to create a great unboxing experience that’s not just for the customer, but also because there’s a high chance your product will end up in a social media influencer’s video.

Today’s consumers rely heavily on online product reviews before buying them. Combine that fact with the fact that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. And you may have already witnessed the role unboxing videos play in forming an opinion about a product before someone buys the product.

So if your product is going to end up in an unboxing video, your unboxing experience should be flawless.

Why packaging is important

Using packaging to add value

Some people think an unboxing experience is a waste of resources; however, the truth is that the best unboxing experiences are eco-friendly. Creating the best unboxing experience is that it’s very easy to go overboard with an unboxing experience.

But a good unboxing experience is never about adding more stuff – on the contrary, a good unboxing experience is simply about delivering “more” value to your potential customers than they expect.

Product packaging and unboxing experience aim to provide more value based on your morality and brand value. A good unboxing experience can include adding coupons, filler voids, and other freebies to the box.

However, a good unboxing experience can also be something as simple as saying thank you and putting the thank you note inside the box.

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It doesn’t matter how attractive and good your product is if you don’t stick to the packaging. Many small business owners tend to skimp on packaging while focusing on product quality.

That said, as a business owner, never make the mistake of overlooking the importance of quality packaging.