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Instagram brings in-app shopping cart to all US businesses

Instagram is finally flipping the switch on the in-app shopping cart it’s been testing for over a year. The company will soon open its Instagram checkout feature, which allows users to browse and purchase products without leaving the Instagram app, to all US-based businesses.

With the update, which will be available “in the coming weeks”, US-based businesses will be able to take advantage of Instagram’s integrated checkout. Instagram has previously allowed businesses to create dedicated shopping pages, but its checkout feature has been limited to a handful of pages. Unlike stores that require users to go to an external website to purchase a product, checkout makes the transaction an integral part of browsing Instagram. And the back-end of the transaction is handled by Facebook, or one of its third-party partners like Shopify, so users don’t have to worry about passing credit card information to an unknown merchant.

The company says it plans to waive fees normally associated with such purchases until the end of the year due to the “current economic crisis”.


The expansion comes as Facebook makes shopping features increasingly prominent in its apps. Instagram has also tested “live shopping,” which allows businesses and influencers to sell products during live streams, and the company plans to replace Instagram’s “activity” section with a more dedicated shopping tab. late this year. The social network announced on Tuesday that it was also testing a dedicated “shop” section in the Facebook application. The company also plans to allow businesses to sell products to customers directly through WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct.

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