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Indiana man with 34 prior arrests charged with stealing shopping cart full of meat, police say | New

An Evansville man with more than 30 previous arrests has been arrested again after trying to take a shopping cart filled with several hundred dollars worth of meat from a local grocery store, police say.

The Evansville Police Department said officers were called to the West Side Aldi store around noon Tuesday after a man tried to push a shopping cart filled with meat through the door. EPD says customers followed the man while store employees dialed 911.

When officers arrived in the area, the EPD said the man, identified as 36-year-old Adrian Carter, had initially surrendered by lying on the ground, but was got up and started running.

Police said they found Carter about an hour and a half later, and he was sweating, muddy and drinking alcohol.

Officers said they viewed security camera footage from the robbery, which showed Carter committing the crime. They saw an unknown woman wearing a “Chucky” shirt and Nike Air Jordans “interfering” and attempting to create a diversion during the flight.

Police called the theft “deliberate and ridiculous” and said that in total Carter attempted to get away with about $412 worth of items. They say Carter was arrested 34 times in Vanderburgh County before Tuesday’s incident.

The EPD says Carter was incarcerated in Vanderburgh County Jail for theft and resisting law enforcement, in addition to an active misdemeanor warrant.