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How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment (Top 5 Tactics)

In 2021, more than 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online, according to Statista. That’s a lot of potential online buyers to tap into for your e-commerce business.

However, customers can easily get lost on the way to the checkout page. In fact, shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems facing eCommerce businesses. Trillions of dollars are lost every year because customers don’t complete the checkout process.

That’s why, in this article, I’m excited to give you my top 5 tactics to reduce shopping cart abandonment. But before we dig deeper, let’s take a look at the common reasons for shopping cart abandonment.

Common reasons for shopping cart abandonment

Did you know that on average, 67.91% of all online shopping carts are abandoned? Shopping cart abandonment happens when your customers have added items to their purchases but left before paying.

Here are the most common reasons shoppers abandon their cart:

  • Complicated or confusing payment processes
  • Unexpected shipping costs
  • Product Quantity Restrictions
  • Forced account creation
  • Payment security issues or lack of payment options
  • Questionable return or refund policy
  • Long delivery time
  • Bad website user experience

If this makes you sweat a little, don’t worry because you can easily reduce cart abandonment by using these 5 best tactics.

1. List all costs

You eliminate unpleasant surprises when you clearly state all costs, including shipping, any import charges (if you offer overseas delivery), taxes, and any other fees they must pay. ‘expect.

No one is prepared and will not appreciate a bargain turning into an expensive premium product due to hidden costs.

Unexpected costs can surprise buyers and cause them to leave without completing the purchase, so be sure to be upfront with all costs.

2. Use Exit Intent Popups

One of the best ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment is to add a pop-up to your website that uses Exit-Intent® technology. OptinMonster has many pre-installed templates that you can use to bring customers back to your cart.

As soon as your customer is about to leave the checkout page, the exit intent popup will display a campaign that they hopefully cannot resist. This way, you can capture your customer’s attention at the exact moment they are considering abandoning their cart.

For example, this Exit-Intent campaign offers a 20% discount on the purchase total if you complete the purchase.

Who can say no to this adorable baby kitten, right? !

By offering customers an incentive using a coupon code or promotional discount, you can motivate hesitant buyers to continue with their purchase.

3. Offer free shipping

Offering free shipping is a proven incentive that works brilliantly to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons people abandon their shopping cart is unexpected shipping and taxes at the end of checkout.

For example, you’ve probably already added a product to your cart for $19.99, and when it’s time to pay, the price jumps up to $40 and doubles the purchase price.

This sudden price increase will not suit most customers. They’ll probably leave their carts behind and look for a better deal.

However, you can eliminate this problem by offering free shipping above a specific price limit. And why not promote it with a floating bar on your site?

This will grab buyers’ attention and encourage them to complete their purchase.

4. Send cart recovery emails

Another great way to get customers to review your cart is to contact them using cart recovery emails.

If you are a frequent online shopper browsing many e-commerce sites, you might get distracted and forget the items you were about to purchase.

But sending cart recovery emails will remind shoppers that they haven’t completed their purchase and allow them to pick up where they left off.

And to streamline the process, you can add a link that takes buyers back to the same step where they originally dropped off. Or you can offer a small discount to entice them to review the cart.

5. Create a sense of urgency

The last and great tactic you can use to reduce cart abandonment is to create a sense of urgency. Let customers know that your discount or promotional offer won’t last forever.

One of the best ways to do this is to display a countdown timer on your site.

That being the case, you can easily add a countdown timer to your eCommerce site using a WordPress plugin like SeedProd, OptinMonster, Countdown Timer Ultimate, Countdown Builder, etc.

These plugins allow you to add static or dynamic countdowns to any of your campaigns. The sense of urgency they create can motivate hesitant buyers to start and work through the entire checkout process.


I hope you find these tactics helpful as you work to reduce your shopping cart abandonment. Remember to optimize your website for page load speed so that you can provide a good user experience. No one likes waiting for a product page that takes forever to load, which could drive customers away before they even begin their buying journey. Make customers buy effortlessly from your online store.