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How to Make an Apple Watch Shopping List with Google Assistant

It can be tricky to use Google Assistant’s shopping lists on an Apple Watch. This app provides an easy workaround and cross-platform compatibility.

A apple watch provides a convenient way to check off items on a shopping list, but if Google Assistant is used to create the lists it can be difficult to connect the two. Naturally, an Apple Watch works best with an iPhone, HomePod, iPad, or Mac. Although Google makes iPhone and Apple Watch apps, they may not integrate as well as others. For example, the Keep app for Apple Watch has no complications, so it must be found and opened from Grid view, List view, or the Dock.

Apple has done a great job of making the functions of an Apple Watch easy to access and intuitive. Although there’s a side button to open the Dock and the digital crown can be turned to scroll through lists, the touchscreen is fully capable of handling most interactions just fine. One of the fastest ways to view an app’s current information and open it is to use a complication. Some watch faces allow multiple of these data snippets that double as shortcuts to open the app with a single tap.


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An Apple Watch is incredibly useful for keeping track of multiple shopping lists. When strapped to a person’s wrist, it is easily accessible for checking off items when walking around a grocery store or department store. While Apple’s Reminders app can be used to create lists with a HomePod or iPhone using Siri, using Google Assistant on an Android phone or Google Nest speaker may be preferred by some users. The Google Keep app lacks a complication, which makes it harder to get into, but there’s a relatively easy way to achieve this by using a third-party solution to fill the gap. Called, this Apple Watch compatible app can be opened from within a complication to display multiple lists that can be checked off with a single tap. More importantly, can become Google Assistant’s default list manager in just a few simple steps.

Use with Google and Apple

Apple Watch Google Logo can be set as the default provider for Notes and lists in the Assistant settings. The default setting is to have a separate shopping list accessible only from Assistant or a Google website. Once this is set up, items can be added to a list on with verbal commands to Google Assistant. If you’re using a Google Nest speaker or hub with an iPhone, the Notes and lists can be found in the Google Home app, under Home settings.

By installing the app on an iPhone and an Apple Watch, these shopping lists can also be viewed and updated from an Apple Watch. also works on an iPad and Mac, as well as Android devices, Windows computers, Google Nest speakers, Amazon Echo speakers, and even in a web browser. is a great cross-platform solution that can be used on the go with a apple watch for easy access to shopping lists.

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