Shopping center

How a 66-year-old mall continues to reinvent itself to stay relevant

When we opened in Skokie in 1956, Westfield Old Orchard looked a little different.

With just a few basic stores, we were just beginning what has become an incredible and lasting relationship with Chicagoland. After all, 66 years later, we look very different – but with continued improvements, we’re creating a truly iconic shopping destination that will include new retailers, additional dining and entertainment offerings and, most importantly, continue to grow. be active in communities. we serve.

These initiatives will continue to transform the traditional shopping experience by offering elevated shopping amenities and best-in-class retail while remaining a convenient community place to gather. Westfield Old Orchard continues to meet the daily wants – and needs – of our community of buyers and visitors, especially those in our backyard.

We constantly listen and interact with our customers to ensure that each time they visit Westfield Old Orchard they can experience something new, fun and exciting, while feeling like they are part of something great. bigger. Local vendor pop-ups, philanthropic events and evening activities are constantly taking place, showcasing members of our community doing what they do best.

Essentially, we want Westfield Old Orchard to be not just a mall, but a community space for our neighbors.

We strive to develop spaces based on the latest trends, while maintaining – and improving – our flexible common areas to ensure they evolve to enhance the guest experience. With a growing interest in health and wellness, as well as activewear, for example, we have introduced new brands like SoulCycle, Peloton Studio and the recent space Alo Yoga which will open in fall 2023.

We do the same with dining and entertainment experiences. Taking inspiration from downtown Chicago, we introduced recognizable urban brands and brought them to the North Shore. Westfield Old Orchard offers upscale, alfresco dining options including Roka Akor, The Hampton Social, Bar Siena and The Capital Grille which will open in winter 2023.


Most importantly, we want to ensure that Westfield Old Orchard is an integral part of the community. We want to give commuters a space to engage with each other, whether as friends, family or as part of a larger collective.

For example, The Cube, a multipurpose space housed in a glass structure in the center of Westfield Old Orchard, has housed vibrant brands like Amazon, Samsung, Kia and Nespresso and is currently home to It’s Oksana – an exclusive pop-up store launched by the Ukrainian Oksana Ambroz-Trychta, originally from Oksana, offers linen and hemp household products, clothing and accessories handcrafted by Ukrainian artisans. Part of the store’s sales support Ukrainian citizens as well as the Ukrainian military.

Seeing this pop-up come together was a highlight of my time at Westfield Old Orchard, not only because we were able to uplift a local entrepreneur, but because we saw an outpouring of support from our shoppers and visitors, who were looking ways to engage with members of the Ukrainian community.

There’s something beautiful about the fact that when people think of Westfield Old Orchard, they don’t all think of the same thing. For some people, Westfield Old Orchard is the place to shop for their favorite brands and stores, all in one place. For others, Westfield Old Orchard is a gathering place, with new bars and restaurants constantly opening. It is my ultimate goal – that Westfield Old Orchard is a place for everyone, whatever they are looking for.

• Serge Khalimsky is the general manager of Westfield Old Orchard.