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Hidden image of the Browns logo, explained: Why a bunny and a shopping cart captivated NFL fans this Christmas

Once you see it, you can’t see it.

Sports fans have seen many creative logos throughout history: the Milwaukee Brewers logo and the Montreal Expos logo are two prime examples that harbor hidden meanings. The Falcons logo is actually a stylized “F”, by the way.

In the NFL, however, no logo has been as simple and bland as the Browns logo. They have used the same orange helmet logo since the 1970s, with different iterations and modifications since then. But some NFL viewers recently pointed out something really interesting about the logo.

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A few NFL fans noticed that the Browns logo looked like a bunny pushing a shopping cart. Not really.

Posted to Twitter on Sunday afternoon, the Browns logo on the scorebug blended into a nice orange background, making the hidden message a little more apparent.

It would be really awesome if we could come up with a ranking system that determines how we prioritize fights. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or something like that.

It’s not necessarily a new revelation, though: the eerie images were posted once last year by an eagle-eyed Twitter user, albeit with the edit that the logo actually looked like the bunny pushing a walker , not a shopping cart.

There’s also the caveat that the logo only really looks like a bunny when blended against the orange background, which makes the black mask and white trim stand out a bit more, as opposed to the solid orange helmet.

No, it’s not really a hidden message for our bunny overlords at the grocery store, but it does make for a decent conversation starter at Christmas dinners and New Years parties.

But, needless to say, it’s probably the most entertaining thing to come from the Browns this season. Even if it wasn’t intentional.