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Here’s what’s in bodybuilder Brett Wilkin’s Costco shopping cart

IFBB Open Division Bodybuilder Brett Wilkin did ‘Sunday Funday’ shopping and errands at Costco and shared a video of it on April 18, 2022. While “The Butcher” is relatively new to the YouTube scene, having launched his channel in February 2022, he has already amassed nearly 20,000 subscribers at the time of this article’s publication. for its training, diet and daily content.

Wilkin turned pro in 2018 as a Classic Physique athlete. He then competed in the 212 division for a few shows before taking two years off to prepare for his move to Open Bodybuilding. The Iowa native placed second to Hunter Labrada in his 2021 Chicago Pro debut and recently finished sixth at the 2022 Arnold Classic in March. Check out his purchases at Costco that helped him earn these earnings in the video below:

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Wilkin trained with IFBB professional bodybuilder Iain Valliere and trainer Matt Jansen in Stuart, Fla., and plans to move from his current home in Denver, Colo. to the sunshine state to pursue his career. He has also signed with supplement brands Raw and Revive.

Wilkin’s first stop of the day was the Colorado supermarket, King Soopers.

You can’t get everything at Costco.

Wilkin grabbed a few items, including bananas, soda, a jar of almond butter, cinnamon raisin English muffins, strawberry jam and Ray’s No Sugar Added BBQ Sauce. The barbecue sauce has just four grams of sugar and fifteen calories per two tablespoons — “it’s almost like a diet hack,” says the mass freak. He likes muffins and jam together as a low-fat meal that goes down quickly.

The Chicken Shake

On his way to the car wash, Wilkin drank something from a mixing cup, and the contents weren’t what most would expect. Its preparation consisted of nine to 10 ounces of chicken, eleven ounces of chicken broth and two ounces of sauce for flavoring.

I really don’t recommend it to anyone. If you are able to eat all of your food, do so.

Bulking bodybuilders need to eat a lot of food to get the caloric surplus needed to gain mass. At over 260 pounds, Wilkin prefers eating liquid meals because it’s easier and more convenient to go to bed.

Costco Transportation

Finally, Wilkin went to the holy grail of bodybuilding nutrition (Costco) to combat the typical Sunday madness. Wilkin buys a lot of bottled water because hydration is vital for gains. He also likes blueberries for his cream of rice and his morning shakes. “The Butcher” picked up a bottle of Naked-brand juice for post-workout shakes with protein powder.

Of course, eggs are on every bodybuilder’s shopping list, and Wilkin gets sixty of them at a time, which lasts about a week and a half. It consumes six to seven eggs a day. He will also take a few cans of liquid egg whites as a source of pure protein. Wilkin also picked up rice — an inexpensive carb source to fuel workouts and gain mass. The total came to $131.90.

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Given Wilken’s current bulking routine and consumption of chicken shakes, it would be fair to ask, “Where’s the meat?” Wilkin is sponsored by the Eat Hungry House meal prep company of Littleton, CO, which provides him with nine pounds of chicken and four pounds of beef each week, delivered on Sunday.

It’s a Wrap!

Wilkin’s shopping list is typical of most bodybuilders who maintain a relatively healthy diet despite high off-season calorie density. It’s nothing fancy but does the job and provides him with enough calories to train regularly to build his physique. It’s unclear when Wilkin will compete next, but when he does, expect the overall package he brings to the stage to be vastly improved thanks to Costco winnings and chicken milkshakes.

Featured Image: @brett_wilkin on Instagram