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Hearing aids, Kissling’s porridge on this week’s shopping list: Franny The Shopaholic

FRANNY D’ANGELO For the press

Dear Franny the shopaholic: Looking for an old school favorite. It’s called Kissling’s porridge. He is originally from Philadelphia, however, he is now owned by a company called Jaxon. Hoping you can help me locate where I can buy it. Thanks. — Melody, Northfield

Dear Melody: The Jaxon cornmeal mush website has no information on where to buy it. However, try calling the company at 937-890-7350. If any of our readers see it in stores, I’m sure they’ll write it down. I emailed you his link.

Dear Franny the shopaholic: Your column is remarkable! Could you recommend some places where I could buy an OTC hearing aid? Thanks for your help! —A SENIOR

Dear A SENIOR senior: I emailed you on link that gives you 10 of the best over-the-counter hearing aids. For your information, almost six months ago my cousin who has a 60% hearing loss and who has spent thousands of dollars over the years on hearing aids purchased a pair of hearing aids at Costco for around $1,800. She went back 10 times for adjustments but said they were the best she had ever had. But the best part is that if you’re not satisfied after six months, you can get your money back. My friend Gail, a retired audiologist, told my cousin that the company that makes Costco hearing aids is one of the top three hearing aid companies. Hope this helps you.

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Flights of the week

Asparagus: $1.99 per pound.

Round roast beef: $4.99 per pound.

Value pack of 80% lean ground beef: $3.49 per pound.

Center-cut pork chops or boneless pork loin roasts: $2.99 ​​per pound.

7.75-8 oz Utz Chips or 9-12 oz Tortiyahs! : Buy one, get one free.

Two pound bag of extra large shrimp 26-30 units: $13.98.

Signature Cafe 6-Layer Dip: $7.99.

28-ounce Tuttorosso canned tomatoes: Four for $5.

McIntosh, Red Delicious or Ginger Gold apples: 79 cents per pound. Limit of 5 lbs.*

Three-pound bag of clementines: $2.99. Limit yourself to one.*

Guacamole, produce dips or Sam’s salsa: buy one, get one free.*

Colgate Oral Care Toothbrush: 99 cents. Limit yourself to one.*

Signature Care diapers 60-112 count: $15.49. Limit yourself to one.*

6-oz. Signature Select Turkey Stuffing Mix: 19 cents. Limit yourself to one.*

Bacon Jimmy Dean 12 oz or Hatfield 16 oz: $3.99. Limit four.*

Seedless red or green grapes: Limit 3 lbs.*

*with your Acme digital coupon.

Bowl & Basket jumbo pack of drumsticks or chicken thighs: 99 cents per pound.

Ocean Spray Cranberry Beverage 64 oz: Two for $5.

Boneless roast beef: 30% off.

Fresh Lost Poultry: 30% discount.

Center-cut pork chops: $1.99 per pound.

Maxwell House coffee 10.5-11.5 ounces: $2.99.

Coffee Chock Full o’ Nuts 23-26 ounces: $7.99.

Kodak Super Heavy Duty 20 count AA or AAA batteries: three for $5.

Green Giant canned vegetables: 99 cents.

College Inn broth 32 ounces: $1.99.

Five pounds of yellow potatoes: $1.99.

Bacon Jimmy Dean 12 ounces: $2.99. Limit four.*

One gallon of Wesson oil: $9.99. Limit yourself to one.*

Bowl and basket of 8-piece fried chicken: $6.99. Limit yourself to one.*

*with your ShopRite digital coupon.


Oscar Mayer’s one pound bacon is buy one, get one half price at Rite Aid.

Korean steamed dumplings, DiGiorno rising crust pizza, Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs ice cream are buy one, half price at CVS.

Walgreens and/or Nature’s Bounty vitamins are purchased, get one free at Walgreens.

All Christmas ornaments and light-up artwork, large and small, are 20% off at Big Lots.

Large 19-ounce Yankee Candle jar candles are $8.99 at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.

Regularly $69.99-$89.99 men’s boots and hikers are on sale at Boscov for $34.99. Harvest Decor and Fall Flowers are 60% off. An 8-foot family inflatable snowman is half price for $99.99.

A 15.6-inch Asus laptop with Windows 11 Home in S mode with an Intel Pentium processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of flash storage regularly $299.99 is on sale for $179.99 at Target.

Levolor Light Filtering Roller Shades Regular $121.80 are on sale at The Home Depot for $79.17 through Thursday.

A 6.5-foot Fairmont Pine Christmas tree with 899 branch tips and 250 multi-function lights is on sale at Lowe’s for $119.

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