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Harrisburg Woman Walked Out With ‘Shopping Cart Killer’ Linked To Deaths Of 5 Women: Report

Harrisburg resident Monica White was looking for a connection when she created dating profiles after a painful fall 2020 divorce, according to a new Washington Post investigation.

White, who was interviewed by The Washington Post, soon received a message from Anthony Robinson, 36.

“Hi sweetie,” the message read, according to the Post’s report. “I would like to know you better. »

Little did White know that about a year later, police would accuse Robinson of using dating sites to meet women, kill them, load their bodies into shopping carts and dump them in vacant lots. Robinson became widely known as the “Shopping Cart Killer”.

Robinson has been charged with two murders and linked to three others. Authorities in Prince George’s County are also reviewing the 2018 cardiac arrhythmia death of Skye Allen, who was reportedly engaged to Robinson.

But as of fall 2020, White knew none of this. She told the Post that Robinson flattered her with his appreciation for her love of art and her work as a preschool teacher.

When she said she was interested in a serious relationship, Robinson told White, then 53, that he preferred older women because they were more mature, according to the Post.

Police said Robinson lived in DC, traveled frequently and held various jobs. According to the Post, Robinson frequently video-chatted with White while he rode the subway to and from work. White said he was removing snow and cleaning city streets at the time.

Robinson visited White in Harrisburg for the first time in late 2020, the Post reported. White told the Post that Robinson had expressed her desire to become a couple and move her daughter to Pennsylvania.

Although White said she never suspected Robinson of hurting or killing anyone, she told the Post he had “darker moments,” including when he showed her a stab wound and said he would kill anyone who came upon him. More troubling,

“When they were intimate,” White said, “Robinson occasionally smothered her briefly, leaving her gasping for air.”

White told the Post that her relationship with Robinson ended abruptly in February 2021, when he was in the Harrisburg area for his birthday. The Post reported that Robinson drank heavily and made “sexually suggestive” comments to White’s adult son and a teenage boy.

When confronted, Robinson admitted to having an interest in men, White said, according to the Post. Not knowing that about Robinson, she wondered what else he wasn’t telling her.

“He could be anything,” White told the Post.

In the spring of 2021, White said she saw a very disheveled Robinson walking down a street in Harrisburg while she was driving. The Post reported that was the last time White saw him.

According to the Post, police said Robinson killed two women in Harrisonburg, Va., in October and November 2021. The following month, a relative passed her a story about Robinson, which left her stunned.

The Post report said White’s experience with Robinson left her shaken and unable to date anyone.

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